Monday, February 05, 2007

"You say it's your Birthday...."

Happy Birthday to me!

I'd love to be able to tell you how much I've accomplished on this Birthday of mine, but
I'd be lying. I have had a nice relaxing day so far, I've only gone out to get a birthday lunch for
myself from pannara bread co. Yum. Even if the lettuce and tomato tried to freeze on the short
jaunt home!

Why have I not gone out exploring the yarn shops, craft stores and bookstores?
Because it is Freezing out there. The sun is shining brightly and it is 10 degrees F. not
factoring in the wind chill, and the wind is blowing a bit.

Just a bit North of Louisville, they closed
some schools because they didn't want the kids standing out in the cold getting frostbite.
I feel like I'm living in Alaska again. Of course, they never canceled school in AK because it was only
10 degrees outside. In Alaska, everyone had the clothing and outerwear to keep themselves from
freezing. Everyone wore a warm hat. I even had a face mask, bright red that I wore if I was going to be out
in the ice fog. Here in KY we are a little lax in the outerwear area. I had to talk my 13 yr old into wearing
socks with her clogs this morning!

Me, I'm layering with Wool. My socks are handknit almost felted to fit mohair and wool, my shoes leather.

Yesterday it was a bit warmer and Mariah and I went shopping. My brother gave me a gift card to the bookstore and I went and spent part of it on a really inspiring book called: "Kaleidoscope ideas + projects to Spark your Creativity" by Suzanne Simanaitis. She prints a Zine called the Artitude Zine.

I also have ordered some back issues. A little present for myself.

A Zine is short for Magazine. They are small independent publications. There are all kinds of Zines on all kinds of topics.
They are interesting. Refreshing. Some are all black and white, put together out of office printer pages.
Others are full color with inserts and even ads. All of them are passionate about the topic they cover.
I have a few zines on the shelf here and some are almost professionally done, meaning they go to a printer to be copied and bound. I have one that was done
by hand with inserts and is focused on one famous artist. It is wonderful.
I admire their creators greatly for their creativity and focus.

So I've been surfing the web looking at sites for Zines.
Reading, Knitting, and thinking about those words for those S cards that are due in 3 weeks.
Sensual, sibilant, silky, spiral, snake, serpent, sunset, silent, shhhh.
I'm warm and I'm pretty content, and that's pretty much wonderful.