Tuesday, December 15, 2009

finally FLAK

Years ago...Feb. 2006 (I think) I joined a KAL (Knit ALong) to knit this cable sweater. I bought the yarn. I knit the swatch. I had Anita The Fiber Artist measure me at an odd Tuesday knit night. I started the sweater.
And then I would let it hibernate. Every year I'd knit a bit more, but it did more hibernating.

Well It is finished. Except for blocking.
It is a cranberry color no matter what the picture looks like, it is a dark red. I'll see if I can get someone to take a better picture of me in it at Odd Tuesday tonight.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa Baby...

Okay, the people across the way have set out dozens of different lights and a big blow up merry-go-round. They play Alvin and the Chipmonks constantly on a speaker. The lights flash, the merry-go-round moves and those high pitched voices go on all night. (they don't even have small children to which this might be appealing!)

In stark contrast and perhaps in retaliation the neighbor 2 doors down from the above monstrosity of high pitched songs and blinking lights has set up his Christmas display. It has been a few years since he has had a bike small enough to actually bring inside for this display.

This is what it looks like in daylight.
This is the picture I took this evening. Of course I couldn't hold that still for the exposure...is it still an exposure on a digital camera? (click to make big to see the cool light squiggles) Anyway, after an afternoon of shopping with Jordan we arrived home to the chipmonk's flashing lights and it was actually soothing to see the silent Santa Baby on his "crotch rocket".

wondering if she should suggest some Trans Siberian Light Orchestra music to the neighbors.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Howling wind= Ringing bells

Well not really a howl, but I can hear it as it whips through the bare trees and around the corners of the house. Glad we got rid of the casement windows a few years ago. Mostly I know the wind is high when I hear the bells and chimes outside my bedroom window and the back door ring constantly. The bells are ringing. AND yep that was just a small limb hitting the roof.

So far the very large water maple in the neighbors yard is holding together. I told her if it started to break up we were popping corn and watching. It could of course just as easily smash our house as theirs.

Really, I think I'll go Christmas shopping, at least I wont be in the house if the tree falls.
It is actually Sunny out while this wind storm is going on. The picture above looks washed out because of it.

I tried to find something to photograph that would really show the wind blowing, but my camera isn't that great and the trash cans blowing around the yard are not very pretty.


Monday, December 07, 2009

Woke up to a bit of snow!

Just a bit. It melted fast.


Saturday, December 05, 2009

Fuzzy warm goodness

Fuzzy Warm Yarn.
I took this shot at Grinny Possum Fiber Arts yesterday. I have been trying to stop by at least once a week to sit and knit with Ann, the owner. The shop is right across the river from Louisville and I am only a few minutes away from the Brown School. So picking up Mariah is easy.
Plus, I've knit a pair of socks in just a few weeks of sitting in the shop!

It has been a busy week and I am very behind on projects that I want to complete. I have my album started for December Daily, but haven't posted any pictures yet. I finally put together my art journal for December yesterday and painted 6 pages. Page 1 - 3 on flickr now.

Weds. marked our 26th anniversary. Dave was on call and worked late and I wasn't feeling well. So we'll celebrate this weekend.

At this moment Mariah is taking the SAT. Send good wishes her way. Yes she is kind of young to be taking it, but she is trying to get into Gatton for her last two years of high school. This is the second time she has taken the SAT. She is taking the ACT next weekend.

Jordan came for dinner last night. Potato soup. We played around with her cell phone camera and a Jelly Lens...the 6 image mirage lens. Too much fun! Unfortunately shipping cost as much as the lens.


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

What's in the Mail Today...

I must have been one of the first 5000 to order this last Weds. morning. I Feel like doing a little dance.
Wonder how long this one will age before I make it?

The FLAK continues on at a slow pace.
The goal is to finish and block the FLAK cable sweater in time to wear to the Christmas party on Dec. 16.


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Dec. 1 Ice on Windshield.

It frosted heavy enough that I will have to scrape my windshield this morning...where are those mittens?

In other news today is ODD Tuesday which means Knitting and fiber fun at the local Barnes and Noble cafe. I look forward to these Tuesdays.

I have finished objects to show and tell and one that I picked back up. I've been knitting on the FLAK cable sweater off and on since 2006. I think it is time I finished it. One more inch or so of ribbing and then I'll pick up stitches for the neck...

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can finish this sweater!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Actual Finished Objects

I'm posting this page because it looks so interesting from a distance. Is there a name for an Autumn Green man?
Alpaca cowl. I loved knitting this quick project. The alpaca yarn feels so nice in my hands! Hope my sister in law likes it. My friend Sally tried to get me to give it to her yesterday when we met for coffee.
This little pillbox hat was an experiment using leftovers from other projects. I got the pattern from Pamela Grossman's site. It is the pattern called keppie. It was modeled after a Bukharan style kippah or a Turkish pillbox cap. The top is in gray woolease and the sides are noro silk and woolease in a slip stitch pattern so it looks woven. I like the inside better than the outside, the colors show up better. Pamela didn't use the slip stitch pattern in her pattern, that was me experimenting.
I blocked the hat on a needle felting foam hat form and it fits me and actually looks okay. I have a problem wearing hats. The hat I made a few years ago is from the same noro silk and is very loose and doesn't give me "hat head".


Monday, November 09, 2009

Catch up

Life has been on fast forward, but I have gotten a few things done. A few art journal pages, though I'm not caught up. Hand spun & hand knit socks for me...the fall colored ones.
The other pair is for Mom's birthday. (Which was yesterday, Happy Birthday Mom!)
The good looking guy with the cute dog is my DH Dave and our Dog Bailey. Dave had been dealing with the leaves in our yard. We live on a corner...I think most of them are from neighboring yards.
Hats are starting to intrigue me again, so I should have pictures of a hat or two soon.


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

That time of year

It is that time of year: October! Oh I love October. The chill in the air, the apples, the squash, the smashed pumpkins all over the neighborhood. I'm trying to put a bit of the season into each Prompt a Day journal page. A bit of Halloween themed paper in the background or a stamp or sticker...this one is obvious.

The colder weather has me wanting Fall foods. In the last week I've made Soup and a Potato & Kale dish made with curry spices. I bought a winter squash at the grocery and the Apples at Paul's Market are Wonderful. Honeycrisp is my favorite this year.

The cooler weather has me actually picking up the knitting needles. I have been seriously neglecting those. I vow to pick up that sweater that has been on the needles for years! Of course socks are always on the needles and I just had to start something new that is mindless for those evenings the TV is on all evening. It is called Baktus and if you click on that link you can see a picture of one colorway and the pattern too. I found this on Ravelry. I've spent quite a bit of time on Ravelry looking at pictures of things other people have knit.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's getting chilly!

We've had a cold snap here in KY!
I'm pulling out the wool socks and a sweater!
The Folk forecaster Dick Frymire
is predicting the First Frost for October 1st. That is Tomorrow!!
We'll see if he's right.
It is time for me to start decorating for Halloween! I LOVE October.

As you can see the Prompt a Day is on going. I'm still loving it.

Mom got sick and then fell and broke a rib last week. (Boy that sentence seems short for everything that has happened!) Anyway, I've been knitting on a pair of socks while sitting in
immediate care and sitting at her house. She did comment on the socks I'm knitting, I'm glad she likes them as they are her Birthday socks! She just doesn't know that yet.

For a good listen go to my friend Cindy's Yarnspinners Tales podcast number 36.
Then click on the link to go see the video. That is me spinning on the Charkha and her daughter Andrea doing the description! We had a great time getting together to put this podcast together!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Art Journal

Sept 16
Originally uploaded by cobweb1st
Lots of collage being made not a lot of knitting.
I did knit on a sock last night while watching DWTS.

Any way, don't you love this girls eyebrows?!

If you'd like to check out other pages, click on my
flickr in the side bar.


Monday, September 14, 2009

The spiders

are busy spinning.
I'm not.
This web was near my car in the side yard last week.

I have good news and bad news.
The bad news is Jordan is no longer pregnant.
The Good news is that she can get pregnant again.

School has started for my little class of 3 year olds.
The are absolutely adorable. My favorite line so far is from
little Robert..."no no Mommy will change it when she gets here!"
Okay so the line was adorable, the smell was not.

I have been busy with the Prompt a Day class again this month.
I've been having fun and turning out pages. Check out my flickr account for
some of the pages I've made. I continue to be amazed by the quality of the art
the woman in this class are turning out.


Wednesday, September 02, 2009


August was packed with activity, I just haven't had the time to record it here.
We went to Utah (Snowbird)Which was really a lot of Fun. Mariah started school 2 days after we got back. She has an extremely heavy class load complete with 2 math classes. (Algebra 2 and Pre Cal.)

I'm getting ready to start teaching the 3 yr olds again. I have a really young class this year.
But it is small so that will work out well. Meet and greet is scheduled for tomorrow.

Art Journaling has been done. Another finished book for August!

The most Exciting news is Jordan is Pregnant!

Feels like yesterday that I was pregnant with her. Where does the time go?


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bubbie follows me around the house.

Thought I needed to post a Bailey picture. He has been following me around and so when I was taking pictures of Art Journal pages, I snapped one of him as he came in the door to see what I was up to.

He went to the vet yesterday and now weighs only 76 lbs.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

When the wind blows

Friday was a big day here.
Mariah got her impacted wisdom teeth extracted.
The oral surgeon said it was a good thing we got them out now and not 6 months from now.
Evidently they were "17 yr old wisdom teeth" already.

So we have been feeding her soup and shakes and she's been holding ice packs to her face.
She looks a bit chipmonky. Overall it hasn't been nearly as bad as we thought it would be.

Jordan brought over pudding and jello and helped me make jello. She also brought over chap stick and bright lime green nail polish to brighten Mariah's day too.

We are watching lots of movies this weekend and trying to keep Mariah entertained.

I have done a few art journal pages though. The one above I really like for the movement it shows. Now I need to do a card on Fears.

i wrote a haiku for the picture above
the wind twists and turns
bells chime outside my windeow
lulling me to sleep

Friday, July 10, 2009

July 10

not getting much knitting done, but the art journal is going strong.

Wish I had another copy of this image.


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Prompt a day

I am totally enjoying the prompt a day online class with Kelly Kilmer.
This is my page for today.
Sometimes there is just too much noise.  
Music, computer sounds, TV it all makes me long for quiet.
sometimes I go outside to read in the heat.
It is quiet for the most part.
Okay, the dog barks sometimes.

It was so cool last night at the Park watching Romeo and Juliet with the night sounds.
We heard an owl and lots of night insects.


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Book making spree

In the last 24 hours I've made 6 little books.
Once I start I have trouble stopping.  I even have another one in the works.

The cover of the yellow one (6 x 9 inches) is actually a very old Manila envelope.  I bought a whole stack at an estate sale last Winter.  I like incorporating envelopes in books because you can store things in the envelope.

  The blue and white one is 6 inches x 9 inches and mostly watercolor paper inside.

  The 2 green and white flower books are 6 x 6 inches and are filled with a combination of reclaimed papers from old books and security envelopes.  You can see part of a security envelope on the one standing open.

  The 2 smaller white ones are approximately 4.5  x 6.5 inches give or take a few cm.  Hopefully one of them will become quite colorful very soon.  I'm taking an online class with Kelly Kilmer during July.  Which was the impetus for the book making spree. 

 Three of the books are simple single signatures and 3 are stab bound.

On another note, Mariah and I went to World Market today to pick up a few bottles of  Italian syrup for mixing Italian soda's.  I have figured out that making our own costs about $1. compared to the coffee shop version at almost $4.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Art Deck card 2

The prompt I posted for this week was Balance.
My card as you can see has a stack of balanced rocks, an out of focus clock face and a hand placing the last stone.

If you have every seen a rock stack, they are incredible works of art and balance.
They seem to defy gravity.
Some see it as a sacred form of art.

While I see how this art form could be meditative, I like the hands on art, the way they look, the history behind rock stacking is interesting too.  This article talks about how rock stacks are also called inuksuk and they are a tool used by nomadic people to help others find their way. "There aren't many natural landmarks on the tundra, but apparently there are lots of rocks."

I think I learned a lot this week.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Claudia's MS Ride

In case you haven't heard Claudia rides a Tandom bike in the MS Ride every year.
Last year she had the coveted Number 1 because of all the money that was donated.

She rides this weekend and she hasn't met her goal yet.
As incentive to donate at least $10. Lots of people have donated to her prizes.

Yes, if you donate $10 or more you are signed up for the prize drawing.

If you are interested check out Claudia's blog at http://www.claudiasblog.net/

Then click on MSRide and you can give as much money as you want.
Go on you know you want to.


Art Deck card 1

card 1
Originally uploaded by cobweb1st
One of the groups I belong to has been extremely slow. Real life sometimes gets in the way of creating. So some of us are trying to make 1 card a week for a personal art deck. Meaning we are keeping the cards we make instead of swapping. The cards I'm making are 4" x 6". Hopefully this will get some of us over the dry period and back into mixed media.


Friday, May 22, 2009

The BIG Day!

We had a big day here yesterday!

We wish Jordan and Christopher a beautiful life together!

p.s. Mariah took most of the pictures.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

black bean and sweet potato quesedillas

We don't eat a lot of meat anymore. We do eat some, but not often, Maybe once or twice a month we will eat some beef. Chicken about once a week and Fish once a week. The rest of the time we eat a vegetable based diet. That is pretty good, but we are trying to eat even less chicken and beef. (Mariah hasn't eaten beef in over 2 years)

I have bookmarked a blog that I visit fairly regularly called Vegan Dad. He has a cookbook coming out. (As a side note, I find it amazing that so many people who blog have ended up with book deals of one sort or another.)

Back to Vegan Dad. He had a recipe on his blog that sounded so good and I had All the ingredients just sitting here so I made Black Bean and Sweet Potato Quesedillas for dinner the other night. I didn't follow his recipe exactly, of course, but used what I had and what we like and they were outstanding!

I used 2 smallish sweet potatoes chopped and cooked in water, then drained and mashed.
1 can black beans drained
1/2 a large onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 cup of leftover corn
1/2 a jar of Frog Ranch salsa
a few handfuls of spinach leaves cut up or torn up.
chili powder
hot pepper slices

cooked the onions til clear and browning, added the corn and garlic then the beans and mashed potato and salsa and spices and spinach. I spread a few tablespoons of the mixture on whole wheat tortillas and browned them in the iron skillet.
They taste great with guac and sour cream too.

Anyone else have a great meatless meal recipe?


Monday, April 27, 2009

Way down yonder in the pawpaw patch

This is the chair I sat and read in most of the weekend.
A terrible picture of the pretty little tree.

Okay I don't have a patch.
I have one little paw paw tree, or is that Papaw?
I'd have to look it up.

I am trying to find another little tree. You need two for fruit. I got this one from an older gentleman who lives in the neighborhood.  He is related to paw paw/papaw growers in Ohio.  Evidently they provide the fruits to restaurants around the country.  I haven't seen this gentleman for a few years.  My mother is trying to contact him for me to see if he has any of the trees to sell this year.

Why am I even going on about paw paw/papaw trees?  Mine Bloomed this year!  For the first time.

Last week I had an allergic reaction to some guys aftershave while I was in the bookstore for Odd Tuesday.  Yes, I have "issues".  Evidently that reaction opened me up to infection... 
I Lost my voice by Weds. evening.  Thursday I called into work and then crawled back into bed and even had Jordan pick Mariah up from school.  I just couldn't stay awake and I had no voice.  Try answering a phone in a whisper.  

Friday, I had an appointment to have labs drawn at the doctor and they kindly fit me in to see the Nurse who filled me up with meds. because the virus was leading to a sinus infection.  It is now Monday.  I finally have a little bit of a voice.  However, I am not talking when I don't absolutely need too.  This Laryngitis thing is really a hassle.    Five days of no voice.  I am ready to talk again.

Remember that beautiful shawl I posted a while back.  Well check out my friend Anita's finished shawl on her blog.  

My friend Cindy has finished a beaded stole and you can look at it on her blog too.
Now that is a lot of work.
Also on her blog is a link to her podcast.  Check it out.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I've been spinning this endless pile of blue merino on the AA Wheel.
Usually while watching American Idol.

I plied the first bobbins and I have under 300 yards!  I really thought I'd spun more than that!

I took the skeins (yes skeins, the singles broke while plying) outside this weekend when the Sun was Shining on Saturday to take pictures.

Pretty yarn.


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Stash Enhancement

Spring Break we went to visit Dave's Dad in York PA.
Which just so happens to be very close to one of my favorite fiber shops: The Mannings.

What a pleasant place.
This time I even spun on a few wheels and fell in love with the Ladybug Wheel.  Don't know if it is in my future or not, but I  really enjoyed spinning on it.  Easy to treadle and enough ratio's to make me happy.  The price is pretty too.

I of course participated in stash enhancement.  The cotton yarn came from a high profile hobby shop.(I have been requested to knit some dishcloths)  The square sock needles and the flat feet came from Uncommon Threads in York.
The spinning fiber, and the Noro sock yarn and Trekking sock yarn came from The Mannings.

Not shown is Mariah's new wooden needles and silk merino lace weight yarn and pattern for the shawl she has decided to knit.  That all came from The Mannings too.

On another note, I took my Kindle on the trip.  Not only could I read books I had downloaded, but if I knew an exact web page address I could read online.  I spent hours in the car and in the house reading online!  Without dial up costs or WiFi.  I am so glad they have that experimental section on Kindle.  Their Whisper Net works Even in the Mountains of Maryland.  It was great.

My Kindle is version 1.  The Newest Kindle came out a few months ago.  Check out the web site.
The interesting thing is that the handbook doesn't tell you everything you can do with your Kindle.  I downloaded a $4. book onto the Kindle that tells how to download books from free sites and how to use the Experimental section of the menu. 

If you want to see all the relatives check out my flickr account for an amazing amount of pictures.  Gosh those kids have all grown!  Everyone missed seeing Jordan.  The visits with relatives were much too short.

Some knitting was accomplished.  Part of a sock on the way up and cotton dishcloths on the way back to KY.

wants to go to The Woolery, which has relocated to Frankfort KY only 45 minutes away!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Spinning

Bright and light!

On the AA wheel is a bright blue merino that I spun while watching Idol last night.

The white fiber is a mystery fiber from my stash.  I know I should label those bags of fiber.
I am spinning the white on my Bosworth Moosey.  I actually spun this at work yesterday afternoon while the kids were napping.  Those that were not asleep had fun watching me spin.

Trying to figure out what to take to PA this week to keep me busy.
Wish I had a truely portable wheel.  Anyone have a little hatbox wheel?
Maybe a hitchhiker wheel would work...but the ratios aren't what I usually use.
Guess Spindles it is.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Feeling Itchy

It is one of those days.
I feel itchy. Not allergy like itchy or mosquito bite itchy....
Mentally itchy and restless.

Like something should happen.

Like a storm is coming...which it may, we are due rain sometime tonight.
But it is like that feeling before a storm.

I can remember feeling this way when I was much younger and when it finally rained, stormed, I danced in that rain in relief and joy.


My grandma yelled "Victoria Susan you get inside Right Now!"

She didn't understand in the least.

Was it the dance that was needed?

I wish I could remember what changed that day.

Something is building, a tension that I don't know how to descibe.

I being wife and mama have to do mundane things like go to the grocery and take the dog to be groomed,
(he is very shaggy)
instead of figuring out where this itch is coming from, this tension.

Any ideas?

on the verge of something

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Signs of Spring

today is the First Day of Spring! Happy Spring!

These pictures aren't great, but at least they don't show the rest of the yard! It's a mess.
Spring is here though, buds and leaves are starting to pop out and the trees are having sex all over the place, so allergies are getting worse too.

The time change about killed me this year. I wake in the dark to the birds singing that it should be daylight already! I felt as if I could sleep the day away the whole first week! It was awful, but I'm getting used to it now.
If it warms up maybe I'll get out and start cleaning up the yard!


The Girls

Haven't posted much lately.
I found on my camera a few pictures from the last few weeks.
Jordan got her hair done last Friday and came by to show me and she looked so happy I just had to take a picture.

Mariah got all dressed up the night before to go to a LYPC (Louisville Youth Philanthropic Council) awards dinner.  A teacher at school invited her thinking it might help her get more involved.  It is a service organization that would teacher her how to write for grants to help charitable organizations in town.

We ended the weekend by going to Cirque du Soleil at Freedom Hall( Thanks again Chris!).  It was so much fun!  I would have loved to do this when I was younger.  In fact I did try to run away to France to do mime.  My parents wouldn't let me.  After the show, Mom turned to me and asked me if I missed not doing something like that with my life and I surprised her by saying yes.


Monday, March 02, 2009

A few of my Favorite Things: Socks!

It was a balmy 18 degrees this morning, no snow, but it is cold and crispy outside.

One of my favorite things about cold weather is the need for warm socks.

I knit lots of socks.


I wear them. 

That is what they are for after all.

This pair is made out of Opal yarn. I haven't washed them so they are not very soft, but they should be hard wearing. Hard wearing means a lot.  I used to only wear my hand knit socks with clogs so the heel's wouldn't wear through. Not any more. I wear hand knit socks with my athletic shoes too. 

The so called design element in this pair of socks is that for the leg area, if I came to a color I purled it, gray = straight stitch color = purl.  Easy.  For the foot area I of course just knit straight.

Since I am wearing my hand knit socks in more than just clogs I am checking them more frequently for holes.

If I DO get a hole in a hand knit sock, then I repair it. I always check my socks to see if they are getting a bit thin or holey so I can salvadge them before they get too bad.

Holly Shaltz has excellent darning instructions here.  Pictures and Everything!  Thanks Holly for sharing.  I need pictures.

I was checking out a pair of hand spun hand knit socks just last week and I discovered a hole.
Good news is that when I make socks out of my hand spun yarn I tend to make them a little big so they will felt a bit in washing.  This pair is thick.  It looks as if I could just wear them forever and that little stitch that popped wouldn't go anywhere, but I'm looking for the left over bit of yarn to darn these so they will last longer.  


Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ice Storm Cardigan is Finished

Okay, it has been finished for weeks.  I just needed to sew on the buttons.  My friend Sally gave me enough of these beautiful buttons to finish the sweater!  Thanks Sally!
It appears much lighter in the photo than it really is.  I used Brown Lion Brand Fisherman's yarn and a Pure and Simple pattern(#9725).  

I think I'll wear it to work this week.