Sunday, July 19, 2009

When the wind blows

Friday was a big day here.
Mariah got her impacted wisdom teeth extracted.
The oral surgeon said it was a good thing we got them out now and not 6 months from now.
Evidently they were "17 yr old wisdom teeth" already.

So we have been feeding her soup and shakes and she's been holding ice packs to her face.
She looks a bit chipmonky. Overall it hasn't been nearly as bad as we thought it would be.

Jordan brought over pudding and jello and helped me make jello. She also brought over chap stick and bright lime green nail polish to brighten Mariah's day too.

We are watching lots of movies this weekend and trying to keep Mariah entertained.

I have done a few art journal pages though. The one above I really like for the movement it shows. Now I need to do a card on Fears.

i wrote a haiku for the picture above
the wind twists and turns
bells chime outside my windeow
lulling me to sleep

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