Tuesday, March 25, 2008

little books

Here are a few pictures of one of the books I made last week. I got the idea from KellyKilmer's blog. http://kellykilmer.blogspot.com/
She teaches several workshops that I'd love to take, unfortunately she teaches mostly on the west coast.

My little book is different from her workshop book, but she inspired me so I tried my hand at it, making it up as I went along.

I gave one of these to a friend for her birthday. She seemed to appreciate it.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Hard Days Night

Mom and Sasha
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My poor mother had a very hard day yesterday.
The night wasn't so great either.

She started to bake a cake for Easter in the morning.
3 layer, huge, with cream cheese frosting,
has nuts, pineapple and bananas in it. Yum-o!

She couldn't get the pineapple open and I had to go open it for her.

Then her oven heating element went out.
I got a frantic call about baking the cake in my oven.

So she came to my house with the batter to bake the cake.
My oven doesn't bake evenly so one layer is a little more done than the others. I tried to warn her.

She called a repair guy to fix the oven, but he said he couldn't get out until Monday. Which doesn't help when you have to cook Easter dinner.

So I call a parts place in town and tell her DH and I will pick the part up and install it.

She calls again while I'm on the phone with DH who stopped at the parts place on the way home from work, to ask if I have any vanilla as she just ran out.
I of course don't have enough either.

So she leaves to go to the store to pick up vanilla.

I get another phone call when she got home.

Her dog had EATEN a Whole Stick of Butter, she can't find the paper so she assumes the dog ate the paper too. Said dog would have eaten the cream cheese, but couldn't get the box open.

I offered her leftovers for dinner and drove them down.
The dog seems very happy.
All waggy tailed and wiggly.
Big doggy smile.

The vet says the dog will probably have diarrhea. Oh joy.

I get home and mom calls yet again.

She found the paper from the butter.
Under the bed.
Big greasy spot.

We installed the heating element with out a problem. Oven Works, Yea!

In the middle of the night the dog urped all over the bedroom.
Lucky for mom she had rolled up the rug. Her slippers however didn't make it.

DH thinks it is about time we started celebrating holidays at a nice eatery or a hotel. Holiday meals are just too stressful.

What do you think?


Sunday, March 09, 2008

Collage card

Collage card
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It Snowed a lot Friday night (12 inches) and so I just stayed home Saturday and made this card. Well first I made a 9 X 13 collage of papers and then used glaze and ink and collage to do the project.

This is for my friend Cindy to give to her friend Anne with the shawl a group of us spun and knit over the last several years. It was an on again off again project that ended up in Las Vegas and is now being finished in Kentucky. It will end up in Indiana.

I am really taken with this art. I have printed it out almost full size to doodle on it because I'm not sure if it is finished yet. If you would like to see the original instead of the print go to my flickr acct. it is the second photo. http://www.flickr.com/photos/16932110@N04/

I am thinking of having it printed up as business type cards.


Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Scientific Discovery or the Pee Pee Story

Last Thursday while my class was in the bathrooms.
I was in the girls bathroom helping my youngest student when I
hear Christopher, my most challenging student, yell "Ms. Viki, Ms. Viki" in a frantic voice.

I run to the boys bathroom and ask "What's wrong Christopher?" in a concerned, but out of breath voice.
Very dramatically Christopher points to the little boy at the urinal next to his and says,

I didn't laugh, then.
I calmly told him that all boys have holes in their pee pee's that's how the pee gets out.

"Oh" says Christopher.

The next time we go to the bathrooms, I went in to check on the boys and catch Christopher
as he is peeing at the urinal, just as he is turning his "pee pee" up into the air to look for the hole.
Yes, he did get himself a bit wet in this scientific investigation.

His mother thought the whole thing was really funny and was amazed that I kept a straight face
while dealing with her son.


Saturday, March 01, 2008

Eye as Sun

Eye as Sun
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I've been on an ATC roll this past week.
Here is a picture of one of my Zetti ATC's for a swap in which I am participating. I have several more on my flickr acct if you'd like to check them out. http://www.flickr.com/photos/16932110@N04/ I just like this one in particular.

I've talked about Zettiology on this blog before and it is rather hard to explain. To see more Zetti images from the people who coined the idea go to www.teeshamoore.com. From there you will find a link to her husbands Zettiology site too. Her stuff is mostly collage, his is mostly hand drawn.