Sunday, February 24, 2008


We don't get much snow and ice here in Louisville, but in the last few weeks we have had both. Here is a picture of my weeping tree out in the front yard. It was covered in ice on Friday morning. (click for close up of ice)

Thursday while I was at work the powers that be called off public school at 10 in the morning. I received 3 phone calls in the space of 5 minutes.
Mom: "Did you know they just called school off?"
Mariah: "Mom, they just called school off!"
Jordan: "Mom, did you know that school has been called off?"
I called Dave...Honey, is it busy at the hospital, they just called school off?"

He couldn't pick Mariah up they were in the middle of a pediatric case. So I tried to get someone to cover my class so I could go pick up Mariah. After 10 minutes of rushing around and getting things settled I got another phone call from Jordan. "Mom, Chris is downtown, he wants to know if you want him to pick up Mariah?" YES! So a few more phone calls, to Mariah and to Chris(Jordan's boyfriend) and things were settled. Cell phones = Good!

We had to call parents to pick up the preschool and MDO kids early. I actually was feeding my class lunch at 11 when parents started showing up. Mariah and Chris showed up about then too and one of the mom's asked if Chris was my husband. I laughed and said no, he was my oldest daughter's boyfriend. So I now will post a picture of my husband Dave with our goldendoodle Bailey and Bailey's favorite toy: bunny.

For the record Chris and Dave look nothing alike.
Chris wears a hat 90% of the time as he is going bald. Yes.
See a photo of him from Jordan's birthday.

Dave has a lot of hair, even if it is cut short.
Bailey has even more hair and we all want curls like Bailey. Well, maybe not Dave.

Check out my flickr acct if you want to see more photos of ATC cards.


Friday, February 15, 2008

The Speed

Today I went to the local Art Museum (The Speed)
With my friends Cindy, Ted, and Andrea. ( and
They have an exhibit from the Victoria and Albert Museum featuring one of
Leonardo's journals. The actual Journal was under glass of course but it was set up so you could peer at it from all sides. They had it opened to an interesting page and that page was blown up and on the wall too.
They also had 2 computers set up with every page from the journal scanned into it. That was fun and we spent a lot of time on the computers.

The art was amazing some of the symbolism was very interesting. I particularly liked the fertility mirror, some of the stained glass, the carved Mary carrying Jesus while stepping on the moon, and the fate sculpture. The wild man and woman were interesting too.

I bought an art deck and a few buttons featuring little bits of art from the exhibit.

Then we went to lunch at Irish Rover. Yummy.
Unfortunately I was driving and couldn't have any beer.


Monday, February 11, 2008


It will likely be raining most of the day tomorrow, but tonight it is Snowing! Started with little flurries at around 4 this afternoon and by the time we got out of The Olive Garden at a little after 6 there was at least an inch on the ground.

I love it!

I know I'm crazy.

If you would like to see it snowing here in Louisville, KY click on this link:

Which will show you the pretty lights of Downtown Louisville with the snow making it all smudgy and blurry. I do not live downtown, but couldn't get a live feed for this area.

DD2 is of course wanting a snow day. Likely we will only have a school delay.
It is beautiful while it lasts.

I'm going to go knit. I have about 8 inches more to go on the body of this sweater.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

It was 20 years ago today...

I was laying in recovery with a massive tangle of hair on my head listening to the nurses talk about that big beautiful baby in the nursery. They were talking about my daughter, Jordan.

That huge baby (9lbs 1oz) is now this svelte beauty.

Pictured here with her boyfriend. (This is the only picture of him I have without a hat on his head.)

Happy Birthday Jordan! I find it difficult to believe that you are already 20 yrs old. Where has the time gone? Believe me I don't want to do it fact, if I had to, I'd skip your teenage years. All in all, I am glad you are you. May all your best dreams come true.

Love you,


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wish it would stay cold!

drop cloth Valentine
Originally uploaded by cobweb1st
First it freezes then it warms up. Then the molds cause wild allergy symptoms and I get very little knitting done because knitting and cold & allergy meds just don't go well together...well, cables don't work well anyway.

So in spite of the headache and sneezing I've been making ATC's. Here is a picture of one of my drop cloth Valentines for a swap I'm in. I use a piece of watercolor paper as a drop cloth when i am making cards. Any extra paint gets smeared on as well. These "drop cloths" are also used when I rubber stamp on anything and they get a few stamps on there as well.
I made these cards using drop cloth paper for the background and for the hearts. I haven't yet decided if I'll embellish them anymore.

I've also been collecting old and odd papers for book binding projects I want to do. If anyone has access to old blueprint paper or maps or old workbooks and such please let me know. Thanks.