Tuesday, December 15, 2009

finally FLAK

Years ago...Feb. 2006 (I think) I joined a KAL (Knit ALong) to knit this cable sweater. I bought the yarn. I knit the swatch. I had Anita The Fiber Artist measure me at an odd Tuesday knit night. I started the sweater.
And then I would let it hibernate. Every year I'd knit a bit more, but it did more hibernating.

Well It is finished. Except for blocking.
It is a cranberry color no matter what the picture looks like, it is a dark red. I'll see if I can get someone to take a better picture of me in it at Odd Tuesday tonight.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa Baby...

Okay, the people across the way have set out dozens of different lights and a big blow up merry-go-round. They play Alvin and the Chipmonks constantly on a speaker. The lights flash, the merry-go-round moves and those high pitched voices go on all night. (they don't even have small children to which this might be appealing!)

In stark contrast and perhaps in retaliation the neighbor 2 doors down from the above monstrosity of high pitched songs and blinking lights has set up his Christmas display. It has been a few years since he has had a bike small enough to actually bring inside for this display.

This is what it looks like in daylight.
This is the picture I took this evening. Of course I couldn't hold that still for the exposure...is it still an exposure on a digital camera? (click to make big to see the cool light squiggles) Anyway, after an afternoon of shopping with Jordan we arrived home to the chipmonk's flashing lights and it was actually soothing to see the silent Santa Baby on his "crotch rocket".

wondering if she should suggest some Trans Siberian Light Orchestra music to the neighbors.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Howling wind= Ringing bells

Well not really a howl, but I can hear it as it whips through the bare trees and around the corners of the house. Glad we got rid of the casement windows a few years ago. Mostly I know the wind is high when I hear the bells and chimes outside my bedroom window and the back door ring constantly. The bells are ringing. AND yep that was just a small limb hitting the roof.

So far the very large water maple in the neighbors yard is holding together. I told her if it started to break up we were popping corn and watching. It could of course just as easily smash our house as theirs.

Really, I think I'll go Christmas shopping, at least I wont be in the house if the tree falls.
It is actually Sunny out while this wind storm is going on. The picture above looks washed out because of it.

I tried to find something to photograph that would really show the wind blowing, but my camera isn't that great and the trash cans blowing around the yard are not very pretty.


Monday, December 07, 2009

Woke up to a bit of snow!

Just a bit. It melted fast.


Saturday, December 05, 2009

Fuzzy warm goodness

Fuzzy Warm Yarn.
I took this shot at Grinny Possum Fiber Arts yesterday. I have been trying to stop by at least once a week to sit and knit with Ann, the owner. The shop is right across the river from Louisville and I am only a few minutes away from the Brown School. So picking up Mariah is easy.
Plus, I've knit a pair of socks in just a few weeks of sitting in the shop!

It has been a busy week and I am very behind on projects that I want to complete. I have my album started for December Daily, but haven't posted any pictures yet. I finally put together my art journal for December yesterday and painted 6 pages. Page 1 - 3 on flickr now.

Weds. marked our 26th anniversary. Dave was on call and worked late and I wasn't feeling well. So we'll celebrate this weekend.

At this moment Mariah is taking the SAT. Send good wishes her way. Yes she is kind of young to be taking it, but she is trying to get into Gatton for her last two years of high school. This is the second time she has taken the SAT. She is taking the ACT next weekend.

Jordan came for dinner last night. Potato soup. We played around with her cell phone camera and a Jelly Lens...the 6 image mirage lens. Too much fun! Unfortunately shipping cost as much as the lens.


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

What's in the Mail Today...

I must have been one of the first 5000 to order this last Weds. morning. I Feel like doing a little dance.
Wonder how long this one will age before I make it?

The FLAK continues on at a slow pace.
The goal is to finish and block the FLAK cable sweater in time to wear to the Christmas party on Dec. 16.


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Dec. 1 Ice on Windshield.

It frosted heavy enough that I will have to scrape my windshield this morning...where are those mittens?

In other news today is ODD Tuesday which means Knitting and fiber fun at the local Barnes and Noble cafe. I look forward to these Tuesdays.

I have finished objects to show and tell and one that I picked back up. I've been knitting on the FLAK cable sweater off and on since 2006. I think it is time I finished it. One more inch or so of ribbing and then I'll pick up stitches for the neck...

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can finish this sweater!