Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Book making spree

In the last 24 hours I've made 6 little books.
Once I start I have trouble stopping.  I even have another one in the works.

The cover of the yellow one (6 x 9 inches) is actually a very old Manila envelope.  I bought a whole stack at an estate sale last Winter.  I like incorporating envelopes in books because you can store things in the envelope.

  The blue and white one is 6 inches x 9 inches and mostly watercolor paper inside.

  The 2 green and white flower books are 6 x 6 inches and are filled with a combination of reclaimed papers from old books and security envelopes.  You can see part of a security envelope on the one standing open.

  The 2 smaller white ones are approximately 4.5  x 6.5 inches give or take a few cm.  Hopefully one of them will become quite colorful very soon.  I'm taking an online class with Kelly Kilmer during July.  Which was the impetus for the book making spree. 

 Three of the books are simple single signatures and 3 are stab bound.

On another note, Mariah and I went to World Market today to pick up a few bottles of  Italian syrup for mixing Italian soda's.  I have figured out that making our own costs about $1. compared to the coffee shop version at almost $4.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Art Deck card 2

The prompt I posted for this week was Balance.
My card as you can see has a stack of balanced rocks, an out of focus clock face and a hand placing the last stone.

If you have every seen a rock stack, they are incredible works of art and balance.
They seem to defy gravity.
Some see it as a sacred form of art.

While I see how this art form could be meditative, I like the hands on art, the way they look, the history behind rock stacking is interesting too.  This article talks about how rock stacks are also called inuksuk and they are a tool used by nomadic people to help others find their way. "There aren't many natural landmarks on the tundra, but apparently there are lots of rocks."

I think I learned a lot this week.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Claudia's MS Ride

In case you haven't heard Claudia rides a Tandom bike in the MS Ride every year.
Last year she had the coveted Number 1 because of all the money that was donated.

She rides this weekend and she hasn't met her goal yet.
As incentive to donate at least $10. Lots of people have donated to her prizes.

Yes, if you donate $10 or more you are signed up for the prize drawing.

If you are interested check out Claudia's blog at http://www.claudiasblog.net/

Then click on MSRide and you can give as much money as you want.
Go on you know you want to.


Art Deck card 1

card 1
Originally uploaded by cobweb1st
One of the groups I belong to has been extremely slow. Real life sometimes gets in the way of creating. So some of us are trying to make 1 card a week for a personal art deck. Meaning we are keeping the cards we make instead of swapping. The cards I'm making are 4" x 6". Hopefully this will get some of us over the dry period and back into mixed media.