Thursday, September 27, 2007

ATC's & Knitting

I've been hosting the monthly swaps on ATC_Connection on Yahoo, and while hosting does have it's ups and downs, the ups are outweighing the downs at this point. The first positive thing is that being host means I feel that I have to participate. Motivation! I have made more little art cards in the last month than I had in the previous 6. The next positive thing is that sometimes people send you goodies. The downside is of course people dropping out or not mailing things on time, which sets me back.

My dear friend Anita has sent me instructions on posting photographs on Blogger.
So perhaps when I have a bit of time to sit and figure things out I can post a few cards.

Speaking of Anita...It was so good to see her at Odd Tuesday! I feel like I never get to see Anita and she is such a fun person and has taught me a whole lot and she doesn't laugh at me...much.

Today while on break at work I finished the baby socks for my friend Amy's baby. She is due any time. This is Amy's 8Th child. She home schools all of them and her oldest girl dances with my youngest.

Knitting: Between Yarn Harlot and Anita I am itching for a Kauni sweater. Color work at it's easiest. 2 yarns, 2 colorways instant fair isle. You can check out one persons version at:

However, I'd like to do this sweater instead:

Of course, I should pick up the FLAK sweater I started AGES ago and finish it up.
What is it about sleeves? The second one is just murder. The weather is getting a little cooler
maybe I'll pick it up this weekend while dreaming of the Ssssweater.