Saturday, January 09, 2010

We have Snow!

Okay, it wasn't a blizzard.
School did let out early on Thursday. Mariah walked the 2 blocks to Norton hospital to stay with her father. Yea, I didn't have to drive downtown in the mess.

Friday was a snow day. Mariah and I watched the movie "Julie and Julia" I LOVED it. I was so afraid I wouldn't, but it was great.

I took a picture of Mariah in the backyard in the snow.
Mariah took some pictures too. Bailey doesn't look to happy with the photo session does he?
This is the one she took out our front door.
We have had some flurries off and on today, but nothing significant. Total is probably under 5 inches. I'm thinking soup for dinner.


Monday, January 04, 2010

Been awhile...

not much, how bout you?"

Wow it's been a few weeks. December is such a busy time what with Birthdays and Christmas and all the busy busy days leading up to the 25th.
Some knitting has been done, even a bit of spinning has been accomplished. I've been looking into toy cameras and while looking for them, found a camera like Papa used to use. An old Argus C3, commonly referred to as "the Brick" Very heavy. It looks like it will even work. I haven't started cleaning it up. The poor thing is mostly dirty from the case starting to disintegrate while it was sitting inside for the last 30 years or so. Seriously. If you click it to make it bigger you will also see that the fake leather is starting to curl and chip off. It is very tempting to just take it all off and make it a flashy chrome. I could also dye the chrome...I have the technology to do that.
Some new decorations were acquired. I like this star because of the way the light bounces off of it.
Mariah turned 16 over Christmas Break. Lucky for us someone was in the office at her school so we could pick up the required paperwork that says yes she is enrolled in school and passing.
Then we went to the DMV and she got her permit.
That is Bailey with her. He had just been groomed so he looked and smelled good for Christmas.

School starts back up for both of us tomorrow. Neither of us are happy about that. The end of sleeping late for awhile.