Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yarn Harlot!

I haven't had a post in a while about Knitting.

One of my favorite blogs to read is Yarn Harlot's. The link is in the sidebar.

Our Odd Tuesday group, well the main 4 of us, went on a road trip to the Indy area yesterday to go to the Yarn Harlot 2008 Book Tour. What FUN! Lots of knitters.

It was Exhausting though and I did get a migraine about half way through the evening.

It was truely an exciting time. I got to hold "the sock" for the group photo! Don't we all look totally wiped out? I'm second from the left and was so gone I don't believe that I even realized that Stephanie was even next to me. A Migraine will do that to you.
I had the Yarn Harlot sign the book to my daughter Mariah, because it was a school night and Mariah couldn't participate in this event. She was quite pleased and took the book to school today before I even had time to browse through it.
The drive up was productive. We all brainstormed,, talked, and I knit a short row heel and part of the foot of a sock. I'll take pictures of it later.
Have you ever knit something and later when you wear the item or pick it up you know what you were doing while you knit on it? Well, this pair of socks will always remind me of Jordan because she gave me the yarn as a birthday present, Claudia( )because I used her picot edgeing and the Yarn Harlot trip. That makes me happy.

Friday, April 25, 2008

drop cloth cover Recycled book

This is the recycled book I made to take notes in at the Autism workshop I attended Last Saturday. I ended up not needing it because they provided print outs in a binder.

I used one of my drop cloth papers for the cover of this little book.
Drop cloth paper is watercolor paper that I use when I paste and paint to catch the drips and overflow. I also clean the rubber stamps off on them and instead of throwing the paint I've squeezed too much of in the trash, I paint on the drop cloth page too.

Inside is a single signature made up of recycled papers: left over color sheets, old notebook paper from spiral notebooks, some grid paper and in the middle, puzzle pages from an old puzzlemania book my kids didn't finish. The puzzles were in case I got really bored.

I did. Get bored, but I knit instead. I knit 4+ inches on a sock.

If you want to see a few pictures of the inside pages check out my flickr acct.

I went ahead and upgraded my flickr to a pro account. Which means I got to make Moo cards. 10 free moo cards when you upgrade. I can't wait to see them. You can also make postcards and Stickers with your flickr pictures. Think of the possibilities. One woman who does collage had Moo cards made of the pictures of her collages and then put one of the moo cards into another one of her collages.



Monday, April 21, 2008

Glue Book or Art Jounal

2 weeks ago it was Spring break. I spent the week cleaning the house for company. All day I would clean and at night I would sit in front of the TV and make little books or rip pictures out of old magazines for collage or gluebooks or Journals. This is one of the little books I made. I haven't journaled in it yet, but I'm having fun filling it with interesting pictures and stamps.
It is an odd size for me. 6X6 and stab bound. To see more inside pages and one of my recycled notebooks go to my flickr acct.
Inspiration of course comes from Kelly Kilmer.
See the side bar for her blog. It is well worth checking often to see her wonderful pages.

I just filled my Free flickr acct and of course they want me to upgrade. Is upgrading worth it or should I just go and delete old art? Any suggestions or opinions would be appreciated.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Lots of Books

This is a picture filled post. The little Washi paper covered books I made to put in the auction to benifit the preschool where I work. I had hoped they would sell for more money, but I am happy that my friend Linda won them as she adored them and that makes me happy.
The Guac book is made with a long stitch binding and recycled paper inside as well as a few envelopes. This is the first book I've made like this and I really like it! I like that the whole thing is from throw away papers and that the outside is a box that would have gone into the recycle bin. It is small and fits very nicely in my hands.
Now, off to clean for FIL will be here on Saturday and I am SLOW as I keep finding other things I'd rather do.