Monday, April 21, 2008

Glue Book or Art Jounal

2 weeks ago it was Spring break. I spent the week cleaning the house for company. All day I would clean and at night I would sit in front of the TV and make little books or rip pictures out of old magazines for collage or gluebooks or Journals. This is one of the little books I made. I haven't journaled in it yet, but I'm having fun filling it with interesting pictures and stamps.
It is an odd size for me. 6X6 and stab bound. To see more inside pages and one of my recycled notebooks go to my flickr acct.
Inspiration of course comes from Kelly Kilmer.
See the side bar for her blog. It is well worth checking often to see her wonderful pages.

I just filled my Free flickr acct and of course they want me to upgrade. Is upgrading worth it or should I just go and delete old art? Any suggestions or opinions would be appreciated.


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Artyfax said...

Lovely work, just surfed on in from google looking for info on glue books and well worth the time here.

BTW. I had the same problem with Flickr, but glad I went pro since I nnow have a back-up and safe store for all my photos of my artwork. Easily searched and I can either link from any other sites or download if necessary. But if you do decide to do this, post the largest images of your artwork that you have. Some of my early ones were stored on my own PC (remember when 1Mb was huge for a hard disc?) and I only have tiny images of those. No limit (practically) on Flickr. I would say go for it you won't regret it.