Saturday, November 21, 2009

Actual Finished Objects

I'm posting this page because it looks so interesting from a distance. Is there a name for an Autumn Green man?
Alpaca cowl. I loved knitting this quick project. The alpaca yarn feels so nice in my hands! Hope my sister in law likes it. My friend Sally tried to get me to give it to her yesterday when we met for coffee.
This little pillbox hat was an experiment using leftovers from other projects. I got the pattern from Pamela Grossman's site. It is the pattern called keppie. It was modeled after a Bukharan style kippah or a Turkish pillbox cap. The top is in gray woolease and the sides are noro silk and woolease in a slip stitch pattern so it looks woven. I like the inside better than the outside, the colors show up better. Pamela didn't use the slip stitch pattern in her pattern, that was me experimenting.
I blocked the hat on a needle felting foam hat form and it fits me and actually looks okay. I have a problem wearing hats. The hat I made a few years ago is from the same noro silk and is very loose and doesn't give me "hat head".


Monday, November 09, 2009

Catch up

Life has been on fast forward, but I have gotten a few things done. A few art journal pages, though I'm not caught up. Hand spun & hand knit socks for me...the fall colored ones.
The other pair is for Mom's birthday. (Which was yesterday, Happy Birthday Mom!)
The good looking guy with the cute dog is my DH Dave and our Dog Bailey. Dave had been dealing with the leaves in our yard. We live on a corner...I think most of them are from neighboring yards.
Hats are starting to intrigue me again, so I should have pictures of a hat or two soon.