Thursday, August 23, 2007

New School Year & Life is busy

Whew, where did the year go. I haven't posted in forever.
Spring flew by and Summer did too.

Mariah did a Summer Dance intensive with the Louisville Ballet.
Her feet changed to 2 different sizes. Pointe shoes are expensive.
Grandaddy W. got to see her dance for the first time!

Now School has started for both girls.
This morning was a real B%#ch fest at the breakfast table.

Mariah is pushing to be home schooled.
Jordan will see that as proof that we love Mariah more if
I give in the home school idea. Several girls at the ballet are home schooled. I only know of two that
are not being home schooled for religious reasons. I'm not going into that on this blog!
What a can of worms.

Ballet started up again. New teachers this year.
Ms. Colleen Pratt, who is strict and old school but seems nice and so far
well liked, and Christy Corbet-Miller, who has a smile on her face, ALWAYS!
She is funny too! The engaging your stomach speech was great!(If you are engaged you
don't want to become unengaged.)

My first meetings of the school year start next Monday and MDO and Preschool the
following week. Then DH leaves for Korea on the 6th. Yuck.

I've been doing more Artist Trading Card's and I now am a co. mod. on the ATC_Connection group.
I've been enjoying it and if I can figure out how to put pictures on the blog I'll post a few pictures.
Anita wrote me directions, but I find it so hard to follow directions.

I still haven't finished my FLAK sweater. BUT I WILL. I swear I will. Lots of socks have been made.
DH signed me up for the sock of the month kits from:
Check them out. $17. a month for hand dyed yarn and a pattern.

Mariah has once again decided to try to be a Vegetarian. She caught an episode of "Man Vs. Wild"
that did her in. She hasn't eaten meat in a month.
She has been taking a salad and multi-grain crackers to school for lunch. With a few walnuts and dried
cherries thrown in, and of course water.

Speaking of Lunch!
Today, I was in the Dollar Tree up the street and they have one tier Hello Kitty Bento boxes! Several colors.
I only bought one, because I didn't know if it had a divider inside or Does! I will go back tomorrow and buy a few more. They have little thermos bottles with Hello Kitty on them too. Don't know if I'll get one of those though. Now if they would get some little bottles for condiments, I'd be even happier.

Off to study those directions.