Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Howling wind= Ringing bells

Well not really a howl, but I can hear it as it whips through the bare trees and around the corners of the house. Glad we got rid of the casement windows a few years ago. Mostly I know the wind is high when I hear the bells and chimes outside my bedroom window and the back door ring constantly. The bells are ringing. AND yep that was just a small limb hitting the roof.

So far the very large water maple in the neighbors yard is holding together. I told her if it started to break up we were popping corn and watching. It could of course just as easily smash our house as theirs.

Really, I think I'll go Christmas shopping, at least I wont be in the house if the tree falls.
It is actually Sunny out while this wind storm is going on. The picture above looks washed out because of it.

I tried to find something to photograph that would really show the wind blowing, but my camera isn't that great and the trash cans blowing around the yard are not very pretty.


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