Friday, February 15, 2008

The Speed

Today I went to the local Art Museum (The Speed)
With my friends Cindy, Ted, and Andrea. ( and
They have an exhibit from the Victoria and Albert Museum featuring one of
Leonardo's journals. The actual Journal was under glass of course but it was set up so you could peer at it from all sides. They had it opened to an interesting page and that page was blown up and on the wall too.
They also had 2 computers set up with every page from the journal scanned into it. That was fun and we spent a lot of time on the computers.

The art was amazing some of the symbolism was very interesting. I particularly liked the fertility mirror, some of the stained glass, the carved Mary carrying Jesus while stepping on the moon, and the fate sculpture. The wild man and woman were interesting too.

I bought an art deck and a few buttons featuring little bits of art from the exhibit.

Then we went to lunch at Irish Rover. Yummy.
Unfortunately I was driving and couldn't have any beer.


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Angi said...

I want to come live by you!