Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wish it would stay cold!

drop cloth Valentine
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First it freezes then it warms up. Then the molds cause wild allergy symptoms and I get very little knitting done because knitting and cold & allergy meds just don't go well together...well, cables don't work well anyway.

So in spite of the headache and sneezing I've been making ATC's. Here is a picture of one of my drop cloth Valentines for a swap I'm in. I use a piece of watercolor paper as a drop cloth when i am making cards. Any extra paint gets smeared on as well. These "drop cloths" are also used when I rubber stamp on anything and they get a few stamps on there as well.
I made these cards using drop cloth paper for the background and for the hearts. I haven't yet decided if I'll embellish them anymore.

I've also been collecting old and odd papers for book binding projects I want to do. If anyone has access to old blueprint paper or maps or old workbooks and such please let me know. Thanks.