Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Orange and Pink

Orange and Pink
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Orange and pink are big in our house. No the walls are Not painted either color and there is no orange carpet. My dad did have a burnt orange car at one time that I had to drive.

Anyway, for some reason everyone goes nuts when they see Orange or even hear the word Orange. It is kind of a joke.

So when the daily prompt on Gluebooks, www.gluebooks@yahoogroups.com, was Orange and Pink, I jumped on it with both of my sticky little hands.

In fact I firmly believe that it saved my sanity last week at work. During rest time I grabbed the glue and an old Real Simple and cut out everything I found that was pink or orange. It was...restful. Mindless even. Ahhh a Zen moment with three year olds.
You don't believe me do you?


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