Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Baby it's cold outside

Okay, so today it is hovering around 34 degrees and we have snow on the ground. Just enough to cause them to delay opening school for 2 hours.

This weekend it was really cold for Kentucky. On Sunday when I woke up the temp was 9 degrees. So I stayed inside nice and warm and finished and blocked my Komi mittens.
(Mostly Mittens pattern number 8 on size 1 needles) They are beautiful and warm.

I also blocked my Ice Queen. The yarn is a merino mohair from Crystal Palace. The pattern is from the Winter issue of Knitty. I used a size 9 needle and all but 10 inches of the yarn. Whew that was close. I did not use beads. When I started this, and it was one of those have to start it now or I will just die moments, I didn't have beads to match this variegated yarn. Still it turned out beautiful. My DD2 was kind enough to put it on for the photographs.

Although she did complain and didn't want her face to show.

I have a noro hat in the works, it is the computer desk knitting, and socks of course.
Have to finish those for DD1's Birthday. What I really need to do is knit on the FLAK.
I want to know how the Yarn Harlot can knit a cabled sweater as fast as she does.
My friend Anita would tell me it is because "She works on it!"
I better go work on it because other things are calling my name...like that Kauni yarn sitting
over there in the bag.
Next post there may be art in the pictures. I am working on Valentines for a few ATC swaps.


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