Wednesday, December 26, 2007

That let down feeling

Christmas is over.
No matter what, Christmas is stressful.
And today I am kicking back and knitting and spinning on my New Wheel! and trying to stay awake.
I am so tired.
Maybe I should take a vitamin.

I made out like a bandit for Christmas.
DH got us a new printer/copier/scanner machine and a new Saute pan.
I received new PJ's. Which are in the wash. I HAVE to wash stuff before I wear it.
Just one of my quirks.
My Brother. Bless his heart is fantastic with a list!
I received blocking wires, Selbuvotter by Terri Shea, and a subscription to Sommerset Magazine from him. This year I made it easy and gave him a catalog and a subscription card.
DD Jordan even bought me a gift(down vest). In fact she bought everyone a gift with her hard earned money. DD Mariah also bought everyone a gift, but mostly with DH's money.
The girls received a few small gifts like the PJ's and their big gift was a Nano. Each engraved with their names. No mix ups. Although all you'd have to do is scan the contents. Jordan's would be music and Mariah's mostly books.

I'm almost to the toe of the first sock for Jordan's birthday.(she already knows) and I am almost to the thumb on the 2nd Komi mitten. I must finish this mitten before I start another. Hopefully I'll have enough purple to complete it!

Off to spin.
Maybe I'll post pictures tomorrow.



Susan Sager Brown said...

Hi Viki,
Thank you for your commenting on my blog! White is a challenge. I read over your blog and can relate to struggling with finishing projects! There are so many other exciting techniques to try! I love the purse you are working on, you should definitely finish that so you can wear it proudly. I can knit, but not like you do! Have you considered using sparkly white yarn edging on an ATC? maybe you could even knit the whole thing, embellish it, then back it with some kind of stiff surface like matboard or even cardstock??You might get addicted to these small ATC's that are so quickly finished! I know I am!

Anonymous said...