Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Scientific Discovery or the Pee Pee Story

Last Thursday while my class was in the bathrooms.
I was in the girls bathroom helping my youngest student when I
hear Christopher, my most challenging student, yell "Ms. Viki, Ms. Viki" in a frantic voice.

I run to the boys bathroom and ask "What's wrong Christopher?" in a concerned, but out of breath voice.
Very dramatically Christopher points to the little boy at the urinal next to his and says,

I didn't laugh, then.
I calmly told him that all boys have holes in their pee pee's that's how the pee gets out.

"Oh" says Christopher.

The next time we go to the bathrooms, I went in to check on the boys and catch Christopher
as he is peeing at the urinal, just as he is turning his "pee pee" up into the air to look for the hole.
Yes, he did get himself a bit wet in this scientific investigation.

His mother thought the whole thing was really funny and was amazed that I kept a straight face
while dealing with her son.



Lola said...

That is so funny!

Angi said...

Too funny!!!!