Sunday, March 09, 2008

Collage card

Collage card
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It Snowed a lot Friday night (12 inches) and so I just stayed home Saturday and made this card. Well first I made a 9 X 13 collage of papers and then used glaze and ink and collage to do the project.

This is for my friend Cindy to give to her friend Anne with the shawl a group of us spun and knit over the last several years. It was an on again off again project that ended up in Las Vegas and is now being finished in Kentucky. It will end up in Indiana.

I am really taken with this art. I have printed it out almost full size to doodle on it because I'm not sure if it is finished yet. If you would like to see the original instead of the print go to my flickr acct. it is the second photo.

I am thinking of having it printed up as business type cards.


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Jessica said...

It's beautiful! You do lovely work! :)