Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Hard Days Night

Mom and Sasha
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My poor mother had a very hard day yesterday.
The night wasn't so great either.

She started to bake a cake for Easter in the morning.
3 layer, huge, with cream cheese frosting,
has nuts, pineapple and bananas in it. Yum-o!

She couldn't get the pineapple open and I had to go open it for her.

Then her oven heating element went out.
I got a frantic call about baking the cake in my oven.

So she came to my house with the batter to bake the cake.
My oven doesn't bake evenly so one layer is a little more done than the others. I tried to warn her.

She called a repair guy to fix the oven, but he said he couldn't get out until Monday. Which doesn't help when you have to cook Easter dinner.

So I call a parts place in town and tell her DH and I will pick the part up and install it.

She calls again while I'm on the phone with DH who stopped at the parts place on the way home from work, to ask if I have any vanilla as she just ran out.
I of course don't have enough either.

So she leaves to go to the store to pick up vanilla.

I get another phone call when she got home.

Her dog had EATEN a Whole Stick of Butter, she can't find the paper so she assumes the dog ate the paper too. Said dog would have eaten the cream cheese, but couldn't get the box open.

I offered her leftovers for dinner and drove them down.
The dog seems very happy.
All waggy tailed and wiggly.
Big doggy smile.

The vet says the dog will probably have diarrhea. Oh joy.

I get home and mom calls yet again.

She found the paper from the butter.
Under the bed.
Big greasy spot.

We installed the heating element with out a problem. Oven Works, Yea!

In the middle of the night the dog urped all over the bedroom.
Lucky for mom she had rolled up the rug. Her slippers however didn't make it.

DH thinks it is about time we started celebrating holidays at a nice eatery or a hotel. Holiday meals are just too stressful.

What do you think?