Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's getting chilly!

We've had a cold snap here in KY!
I'm pulling out the wool socks and a sweater!
The Folk forecaster Dick Frymire
is predicting the First Frost for October 1st. That is Tomorrow!!
We'll see if he's right.
It is time for me to start decorating for Halloween! I LOVE October.

As you can see the Prompt a Day is on going. I'm still loving it.

Mom got sick and then fell and broke a rib last week. (Boy that sentence seems short for everything that has happened!) Anyway, I've been knitting on a pair of socks while sitting in
immediate care and sitting at her house. She did comment on the socks I'm knitting, I'm glad she likes them as they are her Birthday socks! She just doesn't know that yet.

For a good listen go to my friend Cindy's Yarnspinners Tales podcast number 36.
Then click on the link to go see the video. That is me spinning on the Charkha and her daughter Andrea doing the description! We had a great time getting together to put this podcast together!


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