Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Stash Enhancement

Spring Break we went to visit Dave's Dad in York PA.
Which just so happens to be very close to one of my favorite fiber shops: The Mannings.

What a pleasant place.
This time I even spun on a few wheels and fell in love with the Ladybug Wheel.  Don't know if it is in my future or not, but I  really enjoyed spinning on it.  Easy to treadle and enough ratio's to make me happy.  The price is pretty too.

I of course participated in stash enhancement.  The cotton yarn came from a high profile hobby shop.(I have been requested to knit some dishcloths)  The square sock needles and the flat feet came from Uncommon Threads in York.
The spinning fiber, and the Noro sock yarn and Trekking sock yarn came from The Mannings.

Not shown is Mariah's new wooden needles and silk merino lace weight yarn and pattern for the shawl she has decided to knit.  That all came from The Mannings too.

On another note, I took my Kindle on the trip.  Not only could I read books I had downloaded, but if I knew an exact web page address I could read online.  I spent hours in the car and in the house reading online!  Without dial up costs or WiFi.  I am so glad they have that experimental section on Kindle.  Their Whisper Net works Even in the Mountains of Maryland.  It was great.

My Kindle is version 1.  The Newest Kindle came out a few months ago.  Check out the web site.
The interesting thing is that the handbook doesn't tell you everything you can do with your Kindle.  I downloaded a $4. book onto the Kindle that tells how to download books from free sites and how to use the Experimental section of the menu. 

If you want to see all the relatives check out my flickr account for an amazing amount of pictures.  Gosh those kids have all grown!  Everyone missed seeing Jordan.  The visits with relatives were much too short.

Some knitting was accomplished.  Part of a sock on the way up and cotton dishcloths on the way back to KY.

wants to go to The Woolery, which has relocated to Frankfort KY only 45 minutes away!

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