Monday, April 27, 2009

Way down yonder in the pawpaw patch

This is the chair I sat and read in most of the weekend.
A terrible picture of the pretty little tree.

Okay I don't have a patch.
I have one little paw paw tree, or is that Papaw?
I'd have to look it up.

I am trying to find another little tree. You need two for fruit. I got this one from an older gentleman who lives in the neighborhood.  He is related to paw paw/papaw growers in Ohio.  Evidently they provide the fruits to restaurants around the country.  I haven't seen this gentleman for a few years.  My mother is trying to contact him for me to see if he has any of the trees to sell this year.

Why am I even going on about paw paw/papaw trees?  Mine Bloomed this year!  For the first time.

Last week I had an allergic reaction to some guys aftershave while I was in the bookstore for Odd Tuesday.  Yes, I have "issues".  Evidently that reaction opened me up to infection... 
I Lost my voice by Weds. evening.  Thursday I called into work and then crawled back into bed and even had Jordan pick Mariah up from school.  I just couldn't stay awake and I had no voice.  Try answering a phone in a whisper.  

Friday, I had an appointment to have labs drawn at the doctor and they kindly fit me in to see the Nurse who filled me up with meds. because the virus was leading to a sinus infection.  It is now Monday.  I finally have a little bit of a voice.  However, I am not talking when I don't absolutely need too.  This Laryngitis thing is really a hassle.    Five days of no voice.  I am ready to talk again.

Remember that beautiful shawl I posted a while back.  Well check out my friend Anita's finished shawl on her blog.  

My friend Cindy has finished a beaded stole and you can look at it on her blog too.
Now that is a lot of work.
Also on her blog is a link to her podcast.  Check it out.


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Sonya said...

I hope you are feeling all better soon.