Monday, March 02, 2009

A few of my Favorite Things: Socks!

It was a balmy 18 degrees this morning, no snow, but it is cold and crispy outside.

One of my favorite things about cold weather is the need for warm socks.

I knit lots of socks.


I wear them. 

That is what they are for after all.

This pair is made out of Opal yarn. I haven't washed them so they are not very soft, but they should be hard wearing. Hard wearing means a lot.  I used to only wear my hand knit socks with clogs so the heel's wouldn't wear through. Not any more. I wear hand knit socks with my athletic shoes too. 

The so called design element in this pair of socks is that for the leg area, if I came to a color I purled it, gray = straight stitch color = purl.  Easy.  For the foot area I of course just knit straight.

Since I am wearing my hand knit socks in more than just clogs I am checking them more frequently for holes.

If I DO get a hole in a hand knit sock, then I repair it. I always check my socks to see if they are getting a bit thin or holey so I can salvadge them before they get too bad.

Holly Shaltz has excellent darning instructions here.  Pictures and Everything!  Thanks Holly for sharing.  I need pictures.

I was checking out a pair of hand spun hand knit socks just last week and I discovered a hole.
Good news is that when I make socks out of my hand spun yarn I tend to make them a little big so they will felt a bit in washing.  This pair is thick.  It looks as if I could just wear them forever and that little stitch that popped wouldn't go anywhere, but I'm looking for the left over bit of yarn to darn these so they will last longer.  


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