Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Letter "I"

The letter "I" is brought to you today, by me.

Last post I talked about ATC's and the Alphabet swap in which I'm participating.
I went to the group files and read about people's likes and dislikes and
realized that using a religious stamp to make a modern day Russian Icon, wasn't going to
cut it. I might offend someone, and I really don't want to do that! Seriously.
I consider myself spiritual and not really religious. Some of those paintings of Mary and the
baby are beautiful.

I thought about Icons in the news and ads of today. Every thing from Angelina J to coca-cola.

So I started searching for a modern day Icon on the web. A person that I could create a great bit of art around.
I almost settled on Einstein. I love that man. He was so out there, he used to get lost on his way home
from the college. The campus police routinely took him home when they found him wandering.
I may suggest an Einstein swap later.

Then I started to simplify. I found some great pictures of Ice on a medical symposium ad to my husband.
So I started googling Ice. I found myself searching for pictures of glaciers hidden in a box in my basement from our 3 years in Alaska. I just didn't feel the cards were good enough to send out.

I went even simpler. so "I" is for INK or INK Blot. I made ink blot cards today. Easy peasy.
Now to add letters and the word Ink or Ink blot. These just might make it into the swap mistress.

I've already picked my letter for the second half of the Alphabet swap. I have 2 months to come up with
something for the letter "S" All ideas are welcome.

Knitting Update:
One of the women I taught to knit in November finished a scarf for a family member in time for Christmas.
How cool is that?!

I haven't picked up my sweater that I put down in July, but I will soon. I have still been knitting socks like crazy. I also have been spinning some Merino wool that I have no idea what it will become, I don't often spin with a project in mind. I'm trying to perfect my point of contact spinning, but is hard with the old Louet S10.


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