Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Long time no blog & Fiber Fest

It's been awhile. I lost my way on blogger and can finally find the breadcrumbs to find
my way back to this blog. Google had me running in circles.
Note to self...write down all your usernames!

April means The Fiber Event at Greencastle.

Friday(3/13/07) Cindy her daughter Andrea, Me and my daughter Mariah went to the Fiber event
at Greencastle IN. Cindy's husband Ted was nice enough to drive us there and back.
He drove, we knit and talked. Perfect.

Andrea was on a wheel hunt and actually did find what she wanted and bought it and brought it back home.
She was plying yarn before she went to bed Saturday morning!

The first place I went was to my favorite dyed silk fiber place. I think it is the Cripes of Greyside Farm.
She does a wonderful job with silk, tencel blends and merino. Yum.
After that everything was icing.

I played with spindles at Handspun by Stefania. So I visited with several of my favorite woods from the Bosworths. I realize I should have bought some sea silk from another vendor. Out in one of the barns
I spun on a few Jenson wheels! Be still my heart! Almost made me want to cancel my long overdue order from that other older wheel maker. (History: I ordered a wheel from the famous Alden Almos 5 years ago and
finished paying for it 3 yrs ago and I still don't have the wheel)

I Looked interestingly at an electric spinner at an Alpaca place too. Very simple and I have everything to build it myself sitting in my basement.

I really didn't end up with a lot. I held back. Mariah bought silk hankies and dye. She is excited!

I bought something special for her from Hooked on Felt (www.hookedonfelt.com). Suzanne was sitting outside knitting(really) and she had this whole huge display of felted hats. There was one Wizard looking hat, meaning it was tall, with dreads coming out the top, which weighted it down and made it not pointy looking. It was Fab. Suzanne asked her if she loved it, really loved it and then sold it to me for $20. A deal!
Great advertising for her, as everywhere we went everyone asked Mariah about the hat and she sent them to Suzanne!
I later went back and bought a hat form and a needle felting tool. I wish I'd bought the flower kit too, maybe I'll order it from her.
She felts with a needle on the form, rolls the hat off the form, puts it back on inside out and needles it some more and finishes it with a wet felting session. Beautiful.

I started and finished a felted hat in south sea island blue and a few fibers here and there from the "tropical skittles" roving I bought. It is cute. Not as thick as Mariah's hat but acceptable for a first hat. Jabbing those needles in to the wool and foam is cathartic in an interesting way.

Tonight was Odd Tuesday and it was a most pleasant evening. I really appreciate my friends!

Work starts up again tomorrow.


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Angi said...

I wish we could have gone along with you. We do need to get together soon. Jonathan wants a felted hat for next fall. Maybe you could teach me?