Sunday, July 27, 2008

6 days down and cotton

My DH is way out of town for more than a bit. I received a call from him yesterday, it was so good to hear his voice. He is in Qatar at a military hospital. Qatar is on the Persian Gulf. He said it got to 127 degrees there with humidity to go with that....and I thought I had it bad in the Ohio River Valley. He sounded tired, I don't think his body has caught up with the time change yet and he is working nights.

I think I need to pull out a canvas and paint my motto to hang in the house.
Keep Calm and Carry On! It is from England during WWII, and I am trying to live this motto.

On the home front, DD2 and I have been incredibly lazy. I have been spinning a bit and knitting on a pair of socks for someone for Christmas.(shhhhh) I've also been working on the Soul Journal and some art projects.

My friend, Yarnspinners Tales has a podcast which is awesome. Her podcast 15 is about spinning cotton you can check it out here: She also filmed some of us spinning cotton. I am shown spinning on a charkha and on her daughters spinning wheel. It is up on utube. To check that short film out click here:
The background music is nice too.

If anyone can tell me how to upload this video to my blog I'd appreciate it.


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Altered Art Freak said...

Oh Im glad you got to talk to your dh. Im sure he is tired, I know working nights sucks too because it is very hard to sleep during the day, no matter what, the day noise is just so hard to get used to.