Wednesday, March 31, 2010

out like a lamb

It is the end of March!
How did that happen?
It could get up to 75 degrees today. It will probably snow next week.

I have flowers blooming and buds on all the lilacs. The redbud tree is about to burst too.
I don't have a lot to show for the first three months of the year.
I've knit a bit.
I've read a lot.
I've made a few art journal pages.

I've got lamb for Easter dinner and then a trip up North for a few days. Ah, Spring Break.
Anyone want to bet me that Mariah will have homework?

I'm looking forward to stopping by The Mannings, finding a Trader Joes to explore and seeing family. I'll listen to books on the trip and thanks to my iphone, I'll be able to check email.
Yes I am plugged in.

Now for the real stuff, I'm worried about healthcare. What makes the government think they can run healthcare when every other big social program they have started has always failed?

I'm tired of writing my representative and getting a form letter back that pats me on the head and tells me he knows what is best and let him and the government take care of it all. Seriously, why aren't our representatives doing what the people want?

Yes, healthcare needs an overhaul, but not this kind of overhaul.

Didn't Thomas Jefferson once say that " A government big enough to give you what ever you want is also big enough to take it all away."


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Aimeslee said...

You said it, Sister! winkwink I feel the same way about the Health Care legislation. I also like to listen to talk radio in the car. Glad we are now flickr contacts. xoxo