Monday, July 31, 2006

Gotta bump

Lucky for me they are saying it is a cyst and nothing to really worry about. Had a mammo and an ultrasound today. I also signed a petition after I opened my mouth about the gown/robe ...rough bit of cloth with sleeves and no ties that I was asked to put on before walking up and down the halls of Baptist East. I went to B.E. because they could get me in faster than the swank Jewish Hospital East that I went to last year. Now I know Why they were able to get me in for the smash in less than a week. The upside: The people were nice at B.E. and the girl in ultrasound wants to learn to knit socks.

At Jewish last year it was wonderful, a great first experience. People to show you where to go and nice Soft terry cloth little short robes. The whole atmosphere screamed "don't worry, let us take care of you."

Now I get to wait for results to go to my regular doctor and there should be discussion of getting rid of the bump.


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