Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Socks at the ballet school

Last night while at the ballet school I finished the $3. socks. ( The yarn was in a $3. bin at the lys because of a lost label.) They fit Mariah so she was pleased.

Anyway I finished that pair and started another fall color pair(Trekking xxl color 161). The Artistic director stopped to chat, he liked the colors. He also reminisced about being a child in Scotland holding the skeins of yarn for his mother. He held his hands out and did the little rocking motion. After all those years he still had the rhythm down pat.

Every once in a while he stops to talk and lets loose with a little bit of his childhood in Scotland

Also a bamboo needle tip split on me last night. Bummer.
They are brand name ChiaGoo. I can't even remember which yarn shop I bought them at, but I do know they are at most a year old.

For those who are following the continuing saga of Mariah and the ballet teacher...things were better last night. Said teacher actually gave her corrections and said something positive. Such communication has been sorely lacking for the last 2 months. Keep your fingers crossed and wave a few pointy objects that attitudes on both sides continue to be more positive. Thanks!

In other news...frecklegirl sent me an invite to Ravelry.
I'm busy trying to figure out stuff. No I don't have tons of pictures taken. How do you all do that without the proper lighting and a tripod? I have written some stuff about me so far and that is it.
How do you "friend someone?"


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