Friday, October 26, 2007

The suspense is killing me

Have you heard about Ravelry?
I was leery at first, as I am just not very techno.
I have friends who insist they will help me and say that I should start taking pictures of
my knitting projects and put them on a flicker account so that when my number is up and the folks from Ravelry send me my invitation I'll be ready to jump in with both feet.

If you are puzzled about Ravelry just as I am/was here is a link to check it out.

There are now 2042 people ahead of me and I am mere days away from an invite.

I think I am excited.

The suspense is also killing me over ballet.
Yes we are having teacher trouble again. My dancer, after talking with her favorite teacher/mentor is trying to change her attitude. Unfortunately, she has to take the high
road because no one believes that the troublesome teacher will meet her half way or even part way. It is a shame that the 13 year old in this situation has to be the adult.

No matter what happens, I'm sure this will be a big growing experience for Mariah.
Topics in this house lately have been positive attitudes, trying to see a situation from both sides, positive affirmations, trying your hardest even if you feel like you are going to fail.

These are deep subjects.

Mixed in with all this is the search for high school. I swear it is worse than applying for college.
The schools that are head hunting my 13 yr old are mostly not schools I want her to go to. Too far away or have bad reputations. They want her smart little head in their schools to up their test scores. What does the 13 yr old be home schooled of course. Less pressure she thinks. I am almost inclined to agree. This is stressful to say the least.

The past few weeks have been so stressful that I have put down the FLAK sweater again!
Stress really messes with my knitting gauge. I have finished a pair of socks...the HP horcrux socks and almost finished the $3. socks. (I found sock yarn in a $3. bin at a yarn store because the label had come off and they tossed it in there...their loss my gain...this yarn is over $15. a ball. ) Although we'll see if they are too tight for anyone to wear. I have another ball of Autumn colors to knit up as soon as these are finished.

I think I'll go to the bookstore this morning. Crazy Aunt Purl's book is now in stores. and looks to be really funny. Just what I need to relieve some stress. Perhaps Mariah can read it out loud to me while I knit on the FLAK this weekend.
What a plan!


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Anita in SE IN said...

(gloat mode on)
I have most of the projects up. Starting the stash today. Some books. This takes a lot of time.
(gloat mode off)

Tell Mariah to hang in there. Someday I will get to see her dance.