Thursday, November 01, 2007


This is my FLAK sweater. You can't see the sleeves, but they are done. I haven't bound them off just in case I want the sleeves to be longer.
I need to attack this sweater. Afterall there are Christmas parties about a month away. IT would be nice to wear it to at least one of them.

I have to take more pictures of Lots of stuff, socks, yarn, more yarn to upload to Ravelry.
It is a nice site and I can see spending tons of time on there.
Question: If you spend tons of time on Ravelry, when do you knit?



Anita in SE IN said...

During the day, when I am supervising the 6th graders who are doing the work they have been assigned to try to get the facts they just heard to stay somewhere between their ears, in such a manner that they can then recall them when they might be useful. It's a hope.

Andrea said...

Aww, bugger, I'm supposed to be knitting too? Can't I just coast on what I've knit so far? :)