Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Sock lady.

I knit socks.

Lots of socks.

I knit them in public. At the ballet school, at the ballet, at the park, at the cafe in the get the idea. Some people call me the socklady, until I introduce them to my friend Anita.

Today, I uploaded a lot of sock pictures to my flickr site.

Some of these pictures actually made it to my Ravelry projects page, before suddenly it just wouldn't let me do it anymore. Bummer, I was on a roll.

Back to Anita, go visit her blog. She has 32 pairs of socks that she has knit just for herself.

This isn't counting the socks she knits for the rest of her family. She knits way more socks than I do, so she is the sock lady to me.

Her post the other day on Socks vs. Mittens took me Moth Heaven's blog

Yes, mittens are showy. Esp. if you knit highly patterned mittens.

I myself love mittens. I knit mittens. I have a hard time finishing highly patterned mittens.

It is the need for carrying around a pattern and following a chart. It just isn't as easy to knit a highly patterned mitten as it is to knit a highly colorful sock, where the yarn does the job for me.
It may be a little hard for the muggles to see the socks I'm wearing, but they always see the ones I'm knitting and are impressed.
So for me it is Socks over mittens. Unfortunately, because Mariah and I could use new mittens.
I want another mitten book for Christmas. Yes, I want Fancy mittens, but I'll settle for socks.
I guess I could wear them on my hands.
Now where did I put that half finished Fancy mitten?

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Andrea said...

This is why I like fingerless gloves. ;)

I think you could wear some of your cool socks on your hands. Actually, if you did socks with a small enough afterthought heel, you'd pretty much have a mitten.