Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dye Day

On Sunday our Odd Tuesday group met at Andrea's for a Dye Day. We are all participating in a dyed cotton swap on the Garden Fiber Group on Ravelry. We each chose to do things a little bit differently, as usual. LOL.

My daughter Mariah took pictures. Cindy took notes and audio taped/ interviewed for a future Yarnspinner's pod cast as well as dyed fiber.(http://yarnspinnerstales.com/) I think Andrea and I just played. I know I wasn't very scientific.
Anita, now she dyed scientifically. Check out her blog http://thefiberartist.blogspot.com/ She will be posting more pictures soon.

Here is what I did.

I soaked the fiber overnight in plain water. I dyed both cotton lint and cotton sliver (thanks stashy!) I added the the soda ash to the dye before I applied the dye. I used the old formula Cushings Dye. The newer Cushings will NOT dye cotton.

I coiled the sliver into the pan lids. Then I mixed up the dye with the soda ash in squeeze bottles and smooshed it into the fiber. Then I heated the fiber for half an hour in Anita's warming device. Although as hot as it was on that deck, we probably didn't need the warmer. After 24 hours I rinsed the fiber and then wrapped the sliver around a window screen so I could prop it in front of the air vent to dry.

Don't laugh, it worked and it looked pretty.