Thursday, January 22, 2009

Relm Tam & Circle vest

I've been busy.
Dave was delighted to pose for a picture wearing 
The Relm Tam.  Pattern is in Knit 1 and was created by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed fame.

My version is not cashmere.
It is woolease. It is large.
 I was very relaxed
 and my gauge shows it.  I am usually 
a very tight knitter.  The cables are 
beautiful and 
I liked the way they continued 
through the 
decreases.  Which is the whole reason I knit this tam.

I needed someone tall to give this to and my friend Beth, 
who is both as tall as an Amazon and  as beautiful as one too, 
is now the proud owner.
She seems to love it.

Dave is thankful as he thought he might have to retire and 
grow dreds to wear the tam.

Next up is the Circle Vest
 for Mom.
  It turned out great!  I really liked knitting this. It isn't perfect.  I had to 
concentrate at first to M1 the right way for a purl or a knit stitch.  I don't
know if it was an attention problem or a TV problem.
Mom loves the colors and is thrilled that I knit something else for her.

If you know me you know that I have a hard time making more
than one of some thing.  Socks are easier now but I rarely knit
the same yarn or pattern twice.
BUT if I ever make another Circle Vest, I think I'll use bits and bobs of
my handspun yarn.

No Anita the FLAK isn't finished. I swear I will pick it up tonight.
I didn't say I'd knit on it, but I will pick it up.  I really love that FLAK,
I just can't seem to get the momentum going to finish.
Meanwhile it stares at me making me feel guilty.

There are all these other sweaters I've been drooling over 

I even have the yarn for some of them.

It is so hard not to swatch for a gansey or a top down simple sweater.

Then there is all that Kauni yarn.

The urge to start something new is 
nearly overwhelming.



Jen said...

Cheers to Dave for being a good sport and a cute model!

Viki said...

thanks Jen, he is an extremely good sport. The girl child wouldn't model.