Wednesday, February 03, 2010

January was so Busy!

I've talked to a lot of people who are with me on this one. Why was January so hectic?
I don't really know but here are a few things I was doing in January.
I made a journal from the Remains of the Day (ROD) class by Mary Ann Moss.
I created my first journal of 2010 in Kelly Kilmer's A life made by hand class.
I knit this cute little hat for me. Pattern is from the Tikkuntree Project, It is a Binah-Bukharan Kippah. It fits well, but doesn't lay flat on the top like the pattern indicates, I get a little pointy bit, but I still love it. Knit from Cascade 220 and Noro.
My friend digitaldurga has written a pattern for a Mobius cowl that may be in the Knit Picks catalog in the future. Knit Picks sent her alpaca lace weight to use and she is allergic so I offered to help her out. This is a closeup of the lace.
Here is a picture of it blocking. I might have been able to block it bigger, to make a shoulder shawl, but....I was really unsure of how to block this baby!

So I have been keeping busy in January on the craft front. The weather fronts have been interesting too. A bit of ice, a bit of snow and cold temps. I just wanted to curl up and sleep the month away.

For the most part, I'm glad it is February! Although it is going to be pretty busy too.
Already this week the dog had a visit to the vet and is on meds and a special diet for a few days.
It hurts to swallow a sharp bit of dog bone evidently. My birthday is this week, Jordan's next, Mariah has play practice and the due date for paper work for Gatton is coming up too.

I think I'll go take a nap.


aimant said...

Your creative! Nice work :)

Pat said...

Hi, Viki, you left a comment on my blog asking if I was in Louisville. I am an hour south, but most of my friends are in Louisville. Small world!!
Love your ROD journal and your Kelly Kilmer book. I need more hours in the day to take more classes and play more!
Take care,