Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What I did on my day off.

Yesterday was Tuesday and I have Tuesday's off work.  I had been promising my friend Sally D. that I would make her a Halloween bracelet.  So here it is.  She loved it and wore it all day today.  Click the picture to make it bigger.

I also spent a bit of time finding my Pumpkin beanbag game to take to school today. My father cut the hole in the board and I painted it when Jordan was about 5 years old.  We used it at almost every grade school Autumn party for 12 years.(2 girls, 6 years apart)  Now I take it into the preschool/MDO every year.  I use it to decorate the house sometimes too.  Every once in awhile I make new beanbags using Halloween print fabric.
Which I found very amusing.

Mariah stayed home sick today.  Mom is about where I was last Thursday.  All runny nosed.
I just feel stuffy in the head.  That is a technical term.

Leftover soup for dinner and I'll make a Thank you card tonight.