Saturday, November 01, 2008


Hope Everyone had a "Joyful" Halloween!

We did.
IT was a busy and even Exciting day!

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year.
I went to Archivers to buy some Christmas paper for a daily journal/album for December. (ala Ali Edwards For even more pictures there is of course a Flickr group)
Everything Halloween was at least 25% off.  I had a hard time not filling up my basket.
I did pretty good.  I used my 30% off coupon on a book.

Then I went to Whole Foods for pumpkin beer.
Tis the season and I wanted to try it.

After Lunch Jordan and her "boyfriend" came over.  It was their 2 year anniversary.  Yes they started dating on Halloween.

They came over to show off her ring.
I don't know when I've seen her so happy!
(She still wont let me take pictures of her though...grr)

Then I cleaned the guts out of the white pumpkin and got out the power drill and drilled holes in it.  We called it the Holy Pumpkin, not the Great Pumpkin.  It did look nice shining out last night.

While I made dinner, Mariah got ready to give out candy.  We made her into Abby from NCIS, with black clothing, black fingernail polish, eyeliner and bright lipstick(it looked way better than the black lipstick).  Not as many tats though.  We even had a microscope for a prop.  She wants to do it again next year but says we need to set up a lab on the front porch.  My little "goth" geek.  By 10 pm she had finished Unit 3 on the online Geometry course.  It took her less than two days for that whole unit.  One more unit to complete before she can take the final.

After DH finally got home from work and we ate the wonderful white bean sausage and kale stew I made, DD1 came back over to show Daddy her ring.

What a day.

The dog went nuts over trick or treating children...he only scared 2 very small ones.  He is quite large and I heard little screams.  DD2 chased them down with candy and apologized to their parents.  

What a day!


p.s. pumpkin beer is okay, not great but okay.

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