Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mr. Greenjeans AKA Sophia Smith Finished!

Finished! Except for a button.  The knitting is done, I've blocked the sweater and now I need a button.  A big button.  I took a picture with it "buttoned" with a large pin, but I'm having trouble uploading the sharper picture.  This picture with me in the mirror is a bit blurry. 

The pattern is Mr. Greenjeans from Knitty.   Click to find the link.  The hand dyed yarn is named Sophia Smith... so this sweater is a hybrid.  I did lengthen the sleeves and the body a bit.
While knitting this sweater I thought it would be too short.  It grew during blocking.

I bought an extra hank of yarn just in case, but I used all but a few yards of 4 hanks, so I didn't need the fifth.  I'll have to find something wonderful to make with it.

I was going to have someone take a photo of me wearing the sweater at Odd Tuesday knit/spin night this evening, but it looks like I will be alone if I go to the bookstore.  Everyone is either sick or busy with Turkey day prep.

I have an friend who is trying to learn to knit.  Unfortunately we live several hours away from each other.  She went to a knitting club last night for a lesson.  The woman teaching was frustrated.  My friend was the only adult there to learn, everyone else was between the ages of 12 and 15.  IT was Not a good experience for her.  I understand the teens being pleased with themselves for getting it quicker than an adult, but If the person teaching can't be helpful, well... why teach?  

If anyone has any online video's that they think would help please post them in my comments and I'll be sure to let Michelle know the sites.  She really wants to learn and would like to knit for charity too!  She is refusing to give up, but help would be appreciated.