Tuesday, November 04, 2008


It is Election Day here in the USA.
No matter who you want to win, 
Exercise your constitutional rights,
Get out and VOTE!

So I took my mother to the polls and we voted.
It wasn't crowded at 9:30.  We planned on getting there after rush hour so we wouldn't have to wait.  However, I didn't expect to just be able to walk in and vote.  I took a sock along to knit of in case I had to wait.  There was no wait.

Dave voted at around 6 this morning and for the first time EVER he had to stand in line for 20 minutes.

The rest of the day... well, Mariah has been off school for a week now, between being sick and the schools were closed yesterday and today.
I think we'll go to the grocery for milk, bread and lunch.
I'm stewing chicken for soup for dinner.  Dave is on call, so don't know when he'll get home.
The rest of the time I'll work on my December Daily and clear my clothes out of the master bathroom closet, as they are going to start tearing it apart on Thursday! Yea!

p.s. A HUGE Thank you to everyone who commented on the dream about my father.
He would have been out early to vote today.  Believe it.

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