Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"It's been a hard days night"

What a Week so far.
Last Thursday we started the destruction and reconstruction of the bathrooms.  Not pretty... yet.
Then on Friday afternoon I got a migraine.  I went to bed at 4 in the afternoon and pretty much didn't get out except to go to the bathroom.  Evidently I had a virus on top of the migraine.  If there had been food in my stomach it would have been worse.  Sunday I was actually able to get out of bed and eat again.  Not a great way to loose weight.

This meant I missed my Mom's birthday on Saturday.  Dave and the girls and Jordan's fiancee Chris went over to celebrate with her, but not out to dinner.  I told her we still owe her a birthday dinner.  Mariah was official photographer while I was sick.

Monday the guys came to work on the bathrooms.
The hall bathroom was demolished.  The awful tub is gone and it died a horrible death being hacked to bits.  The new tub looks great. 
Tuesday morning I woke up to Mariah running through my room to the half bath to get sick.
So she was off school again.

Tuesday evening was Odd Tuesday at B&N where I get together with knitting/spinning friends.
It was lots of fun, wish we all lived closer so we could get together more often. 
When I got home Mariah was already in bed and Dave said she still hadn't eaten anything.
Which means she is home today too.

The "worker guys" were almost afraid to come to work, no one wants to get sick, but she hasn't thrown up since yesterday afternoon and there is banging and clanging in the hall bathroom so work is progressing.

With all the illness and construction, I haven't gotten to the store and I'm a bit worried about dinner, but not much.  I just wonder if there is something we can carry out that Mariah could stomach.  I take after my dad and Always want something spicy after a stomach bug.  Perhaps chicken soup would be a better option for Mariah.  Costco deli has a chicken soup that is almost homemade, Really worth $10.

What have I been up to while the "Worker guys" have been here?
Well I've printed out and cut some of the print outs for the Jessica Sprague Stories in Hand class I'm doing on line.  I've spent a lot of time looking for things that I've put somewhere safe and can't find too.  I'm now almost out of light colored card stock and have resorted to going through the free samples of paper Dave got from someone online a few years ago.
Oh and Knitting.  Anita doesn't think I'm fast enough at knitting.

Next: Lunch for the sick one and rushing to Mom's to give her dog Sasha her meds.

the picture at the top is Mom on her birthday.

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