Thursday, November 06, 2008

pretty Random today

This bare corner of the room is not filled with a dog and a child today, but with the contents of my closet.  
It has already been a long day.
I woke up at 4 this morning sneezing my head off and blowing my nose.
I probably raised too much dust yesterday evening when I was totally clearing out the small half bathroom.  It has a full sized closet.  I found evidence that at one point my oldest "liked" my youngest.  I read the "book" to Jordan over the phone.  She laughed and said "this I've got to see!"

Anyway, the guys scraping and redoing my bathrooms are supposed to start today.
It is almost 10:00 and they haven't shown up, but I called they are on the way.  I'm waiting for the dog to bark to let me know they have arrived.

I've already done dishes, vacuumed the whole house and washed the kitchen floor.

I plan on watching some tutorials on the mac today.  I want to learn how to get more than one picture on a contact sheet.  Is there anyway to print a photo smaller than 4x6?  I don't know if I can justify spending all that money to buy photoshop, does the mac version do as much?

I stopped by the dollar tree yesterday.  6 ring journal measuring 6x6, some really cool Christmas cards and a mini kit.  Pretty good.

I knit on my "Greenjeans" cardigan last night.  Only 2 inches or so until the body is done and I can do the sleeves.  

No Anita the FLAK isn't finished.  4 inches on the body to go.  



3rdEyeMuse said...

dog and child are too cute. :)

paper flowers are a cinch!

- stack 5-8 sheets of 5inX5in tissue paper squares
- accordian fold the sheets
- notch at center on both sides
- wrap a pipe cleaner around the notches to secures
- separate the layers up & fluff

harder to type than actually make! *smiles* oh, you can vary the size of the flowers by making the stack of squares smaller or bigger. have fun!

Anita in SE IN said...

What on earth made you think that is what I wanted to Know? Hhhhhmmmmmm?
So, is the FLAK done yet??

Viki said...

Dear Anita...No.