Wednesday, November 05, 2008

December Daily album/journal/minibook

A few weeks ago I was visiting blogs I like and ran across Ali Edwards talking about making a small Album that was part Journal, part photo album and all about life.  I was smitten.
so I gathered all my Holiday themed paper and old cards, hate to say it but I even shopped for some papers.
I made a 6x6 inch book to journal in the month of December.  A lot happens in December and the hope is that if the book is already made you will actually use it.  
I will probably add some more embellishments to the pages and may even add more pages during December.
There is even a flickr group where people are posting pictures of their little books.
I only put 3 pictures on the group, but if you click on cobweb1st under the pictures you can see every page on my flickr.


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3rdEyeMuse said...

what a great idea - & to actually have it ready for when december arrives!