Saturday, February 07, 2009

ICE = Not Nice

I know it is old news the Ice Storm of 09.  However, it took a week long bite out of my life and I thought I would share a few pictures.
I woke up in the wee hours of January 28th to the sound of trees cracking and falling.  I stood at the back door watching the next door neighbors tree fall to bits. It sounded like gun shots all over the neighborhood.  Power was out before 10 that morning and didn't come back on until the night of Feb. 3rd.  
Mom's power went out too.  Lucky for us, Jordan offered us a place to stay, her apartment was crowded but warm.  Warm means a lot.  DH stayed nights in the cold (35 degrees cold) house with the dogs.  He says the worst was getting out of the HOT shower into the 35 degree house.

 I didn't even lose a lot of food because I was able to store it outside in the garage.  I fixed dinner every night we were at Jordan's.

While at Jordan's I tried to knit on socks, but dark gray wool on dark wood needles was very hard to see.  So while checking the house and letting the dogs out on Thursday the 29th I picked up a Pure and Simple pattern for a top down cardigan and a huge skein of Fisherman's yarn and size 9 needles (bright green metal tips) and started the sweater.  I finished the body and have started on the arms.  It was quite nice to sit with the bulk of that sweater on my lap during the time away from home.

Anyway, Mom's power came back on Last Friday and we moved to her Huge house last Saturday.  It is amazing how much stuff I had to move from place to place.  I really missed being at home with my stash.

click on the pictures to make them big.  The second one really sparkles.