Monday, December 22, 2008

Soup and stew tales

I have had a request for the recipe for Bean Potato Kale stew.
I have to admit I got the idea from Vegandad's blog:

I was looking for good soup and stew recipes that include kale, since I had a huge bag of those greens sitting in my fridge. I am not a vegan or even a vegetarian at this time. However we do eat several veggie meals a week.

I did change it up a bit.
I admit I only ever follow baking recipes exactly.

I used regular baking potato's, 2 med. onions, white beans and vegetable broth. I thickened the whole thing with flour and water that I put in an old sippy cup and shook it up. I keep that sippy cup for just this purpose. Much easier than trying to whisk it together as far as I'm concerned.

Another fantastic soup/stew is this one at

I use turkey smoked sausage instead of pork kielbasa. (allergy) Also, I usually saute an onion for that one too. We use lots of onions and garlic at our house. I also use more kale than called for in either of these recipes. The killer on the RR stew is the grated cheese. I usually use Romano instead of Parmesan. How ever it is freshly grated. Even when we were really poor and the kids were little we used good cheese, not shaker cheese. It wasn't until Jordan was a teen and started making some of her own food that there was a "blue box" in the house.

Tonight we are having another vegetarian meal. Chili. I use Morning Star meal starters fake ground beef in it. Onion, garlic, celery, carrot, tomato's blenderized, about 6 oz of tomato paste, pinto beans & great northern beans. In the past I've used black beans too and mushrooms and corn and green chili peppers. ( I don't use red and green peppers because someone wont eat them.) We garnish at the table with more chili powder and sharp cheddar cheese.
Some people in this area also add pasta. Not me. You'll notice I didn't give measurements or what spices. That is because I didn't measure.

I'll also make cornbread again. those ingredients I'll measure.

Keep your fingers crossed that Everyone will eat this chili tonight.

Happy Eating!


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