Saturday, December 06, 2008

Time keeps on...

This first week of December has just whooshed by so fast.  This is a picture heavy blog post.

I got my hair cut on Tuesday.  It had been a VERY long time since my last hair cut.

Then Dave and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary on the 3rd.  We went out to eat with Jordan and Mariah and they didn't fight at all.  It was a nice evening.  Dave wasn't supposed to get me anything, but of course he couldn't help himself.  So I have a certificate for a body massage at Elements.  He also gave me white gold hoop earrings.  They were the "gift" from Norton Hospital that he picked for having been there 20 years. LOL.  There weren't many items for men to pick and almost all of the items had the Norton logo on them.  The earrings didn't and are quite nice.

Friday, Mom had me meet her at an Estate sale before I'd even had coffee.  I bought too much.  The woman who used to live there was in Mom's quilt group.  Sue did lots of different crafts and taught a lot of people.  I picked up some hand made lace and lots of steel double pointed needles and some other lace tools that I have no clue about.  If you know what some of the stuff is in the pictures, please let me know.  I also bought 2 lace books that I didn't have for $1 each.
The one not pictured is a Walker book.

After I finally ate breakfast I dropped Bailey off to be groomed.  He looks so handsome now.  I also went to my friend Sally's house for some show and tell and crafting.  We made little seasonal necklaces with a kit she had from Artchix.  Too cute!  I also gave her a Christmas present and a binder book I'd made.  She plans on using the binder book as a Christmas present for her husband.  She is going to make it into a garden journal for him.

I went back this morning to the Estate sale to pick up some of the tatted lace, as after the sale I feel some of this stuff would be thrown out.  At least with me I can admire them and give them to friends who would care about them. 

Dave has guard this weekend and a couple of Christmas parties, that I'm not going to.  It is snowing a bit too.  I think I'll stay home and knit on Christmas presents.  I'll also catch up on the December Daily album.



Altered Art Freak said...

Wow that is some Beautiful lace! Okay most of those needles I know nothing about but that silver tatting needle...see if it is real silver, those can sell for hundreds of dollars depending on how rare it is. They are just beautiful and another craft I tried to learn with no luck. I think if I had someone to show me I could do it but I tried to learn by computer and reading and just couldnt get it to work right ...Great Finds at that sale!

TattingChic said...

That is some beautiful tatted lace. Love the other types of lace, too! Thanks for sharing and glad to hear you had a nice anniversary! Congratulations. :)

Connie Paxman said...

Oh my word do you really knit all that lace..Beautiful pieces..
connie(from soul journal)