Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Words and Projects for the New Year

I've been reading Ali Edwards blog off and on. Her blog was the whole reason I did the December Daily Album which was quite fun and available for viewing on flickr.

She has had a few posts about picking a word for the New Year. Not a word about what is happening in the world, but a word just for yoursef. One to focus on, meditate on, aspire to be.

When I chanced upon Ali's post today over 90 people had told her what their personal word for the year will be in her comments. Amazing.  I just checked again and over 300 people have told her what word they have chosen for the Year ahead.  Maybe it is because she is having a give away too. 

Check it out and then hit the links to the artists that make the charming necklaces she is giving away.

I've been thinking about words when I haven't been thinking about patterns and yarn.
I'm full of words.  Possibilities include: 

Nourish or nurture.
Thrive, blossom, flourish.
Zeal-enthusiasm, fire, passion.

Lots of Great words.
Which one will I choose.  I have a hard time making up my mind.  I think it is because as a child I was not given choices.  

What project will I choose to start on this evening?
It will not be lace.
It might be socks.
It might be a simple sweater or an interesting circle vest.
What yarn?  Oh the possibilities when you are indecisive. 


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