Friday, August 18, 2006

Fiber Weekend

For the last several years there is a group of us who get together and do a "Center of the Fiber Universe" party. Annie, the original COTFU, has moved to Las Vegas. I have to tell you that one of the better ideas she has had in the past is to have several of us get together on Odd Numbered Tuesdays at the coffee shop in Barnes and Noble. We sit and knit or spin and talk and if anyone passing by wants to join us, we let them. Her second greatest idea was the COTFU yearly party. It has been held in TN and different places in KY. Sometimes we have had people from St. Louis, Ohio, several from Indiana and Kentucky. This year it will be small, just the regular Odd Tuesday group minus a few.

This year Cindy has secured us a cabin in the woods. Well, it is a rustic dublex. We get half.
It is 3 stories, has a game room and a grill and 2 bedrooms and 2 futon sofas for sleeping.
We all bring food. Hopefully Anita is bringing Carrot Cake. I'm bringing margaritas and enough food to feed us all probably. My main dish will have corn cut from the cob, halved grape tomatos, red onion, olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. Makes my mouth water to think about it.

I'm trying to get everything I might possibly need packed today. I don't know what the chair situation is, wonder if I should toss a few of the plastic outdoor chairs that Annie and I bought for the original party, in the back of the car?

On another tasty note I made granola bars from Alton Brown's site on food network. I of course changed a few things, used what I had on hand and they turned out to be like a nut & oat brittle.
Yummy. The kids both like them, which is amazing as they never agree about anything!


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